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Sitting on my Tongue (Confessions of a recovering keyboard warrior)

I have been nominated for awards for the patience and perservarance I have displayed when working with difficult people.  I know that I can sit and listen to others, I think if people understood how difficult that is sometimes I might perhaps deserve a medal.  Continue reading


When is enough?

How many times must I forgive my brother, Lord?   So says Peter in  a question to Jesus Howmanytimes, Peter postulates a good number up to seven times my Lord? Jesus replies not up to seven times, Peter is probably thinking phew that is not so hard then when Jesus hits him with the knockout,

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Judges Chapter One

For the little stealing they lock you up and put you in Jail, but kill someone…. .

Today I read how an inveterate offender was sentenced to a total of six years jail.  Continue reading

Cotton On wants sweat shops in New Zealand as well as overseas.

I have been looking for a long time, scouring the shelves, watching out on face book, hearing stories, and facing disappointment on a regular basis.  I had begun to doubt my sanity, surely I must have found it by now.  This elusive treasure that I have been seeking is Continue reading

You have seen them

that is if you use face book, those little e cards saying things like taking your ex back is like putting a poo back where it came from, or that moment when you see your ex Continue reading

Manopausal perhaps?

Actually I think that dress makes your bum look big said no man ever…. well possibly not ever. Continue reading

Not broken, just finished

I opened the letter read the contents and trembled with rage as I read the words, here printed on paper was a denial, not an I didn’t do it, but  a denouncement, Continue reading