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A little respect goes a long way.

I have blogged before about how the internet has had a negative impact on how people interact.  However I have rethought that proposition and would like to restate it.  I think the internet enhances peoples ability to be rude,  I think the capacity for rudeness must be there already.  Rudeness is really a lack of respect and this is not new however it is my belief that in tough economic times this issue is amplified.  It is a reflection on the individualism and consumerism that permeates our western society and the smell is really offensive.

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Novopay and Me No Marriage of Covenience #novopay

My experience with Novopay has been a deeply fraught, frustrating, and indeed frightening narrative.  Qualifying as a PRT in 2012 I began work as a day relief teacher and then ongoing work in fixed term relief positions.

The process of becoming a registered teacher is straightforward and robust, as it should be.  The process of becoming a paid teacher is akin to mating elephants.  A complicated courting, accompanied by high level squealing and trumpeting and taking nearly 18 months to see any results.  Since February 2013 I have either not received the complete amount of money owing to me or the taxation on my earnings has been incorrect.

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