Monthly Archives: December 2014

Close your eyes else it won’t work and say tangu,

Thus goes the legend of the magic flying carpet.  I did not need a magic carpet tonight as I took a journey into another world.  I went to the movies and watched The Water Diviner. I will not talk about the movie as that may ruin it for others, I gave it 4 stars, it was excellent Russell Crowe has made a great movie.
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You have seen them

that is if you use face book, those little e cards saying things like taking your ex back is like putting a poo back where it came from, or that moment when you see your ex Continue reading

I used to believe in forever…

but forever was too good to be true (AA Milne), I was reflecting on this quote as I read 16 Thoughts On Life from Winnie The Pooh .

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Bring On The Clowns.

I was reading a book this morning and it reflected that life was like a circus.  Well perhaps the author has seen my house on one of our chaotic days, joking aside I thought about the preposition and it had some merit. Continue reading

Mark Mitchell MP 100% Vindication for Stupidity

Mark Mitchell, National MP trumpeted that the Sydney seige was a 100% vindication for the anti terror legislation that he was in charge of in New Zealand.  The old adage that goes it is best to shut your mouth Continue reading

Oamaru, Timaru, Waipukurau, Pokeno Mercer, Tuakau

Not quite Ka Mate, but it sufficed for us as very young children, t was our version of a haka.  The words were intoned as authentically as we could and upon Tuakau we would grimace and leap into the air making our best pukana faces as possible. Continue reading

So What Is Love?

Well consistently this self same question is at the top or very near to the top of all Google searches. Continue reading