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El Zorrito

I have a dog, Zorro is is name, or Zorrito (Little Zorro).  Zorro is a Jack Russell Cross fox terrier, or fox terrorist! Continue reading


Testing times…

I have had some integrity challenges lately.  One of them was when I was in my local supermarket the other day, I was buying some sliced ham Continue reading

I used to believe in forever…

but forever was too good to be true (AA Milne), I was reflecting on this quote as I read 16 Thoughts On Life from Winnie The Pooh .

Continue reading

Manopausal perhaps?

Actually I think that dress makes your bum look big said no man ever…. well possibly not ever. Continue reading

Hello Sciatica My Old Foe.

It  was almost a red letter day.  This chapter has been a relatively short few weeks however the book has been running for 24 years and it yet may not yet be over. I am not easily un-nerved however I felt some anxiety as I was seated, lots of shuffling of paper and what seemed an inordinate amount of errs, hmms, and umms did not help to settle me.  Continue reading

The ramblings of a (good?) man!

I wrote in my post Caution, content may offend about my reluctance and discomfort about being at a local bar.  A friend of mine suggested we go to a couple of alternatives, I turned them down,   Continue reading

Delta Dawn and I

With a shrug of her shoulders she turned to take up her burden, her short squat body, and rounded shoulders reminded me of the stereo-typical Chinese labourers, carrying a yoke with huge payloads.   She looked around her as if to see if anyone was watching, Continue reading