El Zorrito

I have a dog, Zorro is is name, or Zorrito (Little Zorro).  Zorro is a Jack Russell Cross fox terrier, or fox terrorist! We have had him for about 6 years.  Zorro loves a lot of things, chocolate  (I know it’s not good for him but you try telling him that)! He likes chicken, all the usual dog foods.  He likes to sit on top of the chair and survey the world.  Sitting in front of the gas heater, sleeping under the blankets, going for car rides.  Zorro and I have a conflicted relationship, in his world I am a last resort (unless I am going in the car).  I didn’t really want Zorro you see.  I am a dog person but when Zorro came into  my life at six years, I knew that things were changing for me, I didn’t want to become attached to a dog, that I knew I would lose, my marriage was ending you see. I have lost dogs before and I didn’t want any more loss in my life. Well Zorro came back into my care however he was always diffident towards me.  He even prefers to sit on my best mates knee and watch the rugby than mine.

So when I am the only one home, or I have chocolate or I rattle the keys I am King, cupboard love.  I was reflecting on times in my life when the people in my life seemed to be full of people who exhibit cupboard love.  I have helped a lot of people in my life and will continue to do so however I have to admit my cupboard love meter is set at danger levels.  I have become hardened a little and more cautious. I am not sure if this is right response however in the end it is.  It is probably a response to have given for so long and having been shat on by the recipients of the help I have given out, things change.

Well here we go again.  Life changes for me as I am going to get married, and I need to shift, as part of that I need to move house and move into a rental.  This means that Zorro has to be re-homed as rentals where you can have a dog are few and far between.  I did have a home for him that has fallen through, it wont be hard to find him a home, he is a great dog, compact, easy care and loves people.  I will miss him, not quite the same as when a loved pet dies but it will still be a loss.  Zorro is smart, he has worked out how to make the window in the car come down, and like most dogs he loves to put his nose out the window.  He gets on with cats he lives with until I say “naughty cat” and then he jumps in on the action. He is never quite sure which cat has been naughty but he will bark at them all just in case.

Zorro likes  to be around people and if we leave him alone too much he will try and find someone who is home, off he trots I am not sure of the route he takes but he arrives at my friends and announces his presence with a bark, here I am let me in, makes himself at home.  He has no embarrassment when I go to pick him up, quite happy to see me, especially as he is getting a ride in the car. He gets excited if he realizes he is going to a place he has been to before.  He starts to whine as he recognizes land marks, and barks excitedly when we arrive.  he only needs to have gone there a couple of times and he has it sorted out. Life is pretty simple for him.  A warm bed to sleep on, a knee to sit on and a bit of food in his bowl that is his basic needs sorted.  Take him to the beach, the park, a farm well that is a different story, he quivers with delight plays as hard as he can and is exhausted the next day, but offer him a chance to do it again, he is up for it. As they say it’s a dog’s life!

Some people could never give up their dogs.  I read in a house wanted site the other day of how some people will be homeless by the end of the week, two young children, employed look clean and tidy go figure, then I checked out their facebook profiles, two pit-bull terriers.  I cannot identify with that at all, it is a relatively easy decision for me with Zorro, it will help to know he has a good home, however animals are a tie.  Don’t get me wrong I think pets are important, they teach us a lot and are good for our children however they don’t rule my life and I certainly would never face homelessness because of pets, family before that.

I do however understand that for some people there pets are there family and that is just as important, I know people that say having a pet has saved their lives, it gives them purpose, a reason to live even, that is fantastic it is hard for these people when it comes to finding rental accommodation, I am not sure why we in New Zealand have such a strong no pet culture when it comes to rentals.  I think you will find that pet owners can often make good tenants, they are likely to be long term and take good care of the property as they will appreciate how difficult it is to find a place that allows pets. I am set to become a land lord and I will be a pet friendly one. Yes pets can damage a property and they can make carpets smell, nothing that can’t be fixed by carpet cleaners or a pet bond. there may be a need to check my insurance around pets and to be vigilant in inspections.  There are exceptions in my pet friendly attitude, and that is around dogs of war, https://kiwipaulspoetry.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/badges-part-two/ these are people for whom dogs are a stauus symbol. there dogs may be sleek and well fed and their children malnourished, certain breeds are synonymous with these people. However enough about that.  Here is a toast to animals in our lives, a toast to life and to love.



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