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Just another word for nothing left to lose, so goes the lyric in “Me and Bobby Gee”. A nice catchy tune covered by  a lot of famous artists over the years. Kris Kristoffersen wrote the song, almost to order, Guy meets Girl, leaves Girl and regrets his decision, he reflected that Continue reading


Factum est quod Factum est (what’s done is done)

2017 is finishing, for me, not in a whiz bang fireworks way but with a kind of sad exhausted whimper. I look back over my year, bugger all written, a messy kind of separation, surgery, health challenges, village idiots and foil hat wearers ad nauseam.  Continue reading

Karma, really?

An unexceptional day, it started out as, raining cats and dogs outside and in as well.  No the precipitation was all outdoors but Sid  (the snorer) Zorro (the fox terrorist) and Roxie (felinus irritatus gluteus maximus) were vying for attention, food for the feline and attention for the canines.  Continue reading