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Waiting for God

I have been corresponding with a friend of mine recently, her mum is seriously ill, hanging on to life by a thread, she has had a reasonable innings and also has cancer, so if her current illness doesn’t get her the cancer will.  She is waiting for God, I haven’t met her at all but from what I know she has had a full life Continue reading


Of concerts and responsibility

Driving in my car I turned on the radio, then my playing on the radio was, oh no wrong post. Last year I posted about wanting to go to the winery concert, thought it would be a good idea, entertained the thought for a while then flagged it, too expensive, Continue reading

Am I becoming my mother?

I attended a 21st birthday part on Sunday and found myself in the kitchen for most of the party.   To be fair I was asked to co-ordinate the food, and I didn’t really know the birthday girl very well.  In saying that however I do often find myself in the kitchen.  Continue reading

Scones, Soup, Sherry and Flora

Knights-Castille, Bushells Tea, Sweet-Peas these were a few of her favourite things.   Today I reflected on the passing of my mum,  Continue reading