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Kids are cruel. Bullies are endemic

As a high school teacher and having worked as a social worker in the past I have had an unique position to view the behaviour of children and young adults.  Not that bullying is limited to these  groups of people, (see my early posts around bullies and indeed my own confessional) however in school, bullies are very evident. There is a significant time taken up within most schools in attempting to deal with bullies.  Unfortunately it is often a lost cause.  Schools are constantly the meat in the sandwich being seen by victims as not being tough enough and by the bullies and quite often their parents as not being tough enough.  The unfortunate truth is that most kids will not tell the truth when caught bullying.  They are accomplished in the art of needling,sotto voce taunts, looks and actions.  They often home in on one person or child and make their life absolutely miserable.  

This kind of behaviour is reinforced by society in many ways, however another time for that.  responses to kids being bullied are often pointless platitudes such as sticks and stones.  they are often advised to “avoid ” the bullies, to stay safe and god forbid should they respond to the bullies with words or physical actions, then often they are seen as the perpetrators.  Often children who respond have been pushed to the edge and beyond.  What is the answer to this age old problem?Where do the lines get drawn, when is name calling not fun? How much should children have to put up with.  Who is responsible for their behaviour and who is responsible to deal with the behaviour?

Well we all are either individually or collectively.  I want to follow this up but for right now i would like to leave you with this link to view before I have anything more to say, my daughter showed it to me tonight and it was powerful and disturbing.