Monthly Archives: November 2015

You must be rich

said a small voice to me.  It came from a young boy maybe eight or nine.  I was siting in my car when I heard a small noise and saw this boy bent over my strawberries. Continue reading


People Of The Lie. (Malignant Narcissism)

Don’t, bite the hand that feeds you, because you may end up licking the boot that kicks you. Continue reading

How is the Golf?

Jack  (not his real name) was sitting in the corner sipping his beer, I said how are you Jack?  His head snapped around like a triggered Continue reading

Hey Mister ,can you spare some change?

I saw him yesterday, let’s call him “Alex”, he used to wander the roads around the area I live, hitchhiking to nowhere. Continue reading

Opinions Can Be Like Farts

I don’t mean this to be offensive, but. Words that often accompany a probe, no not an alien impregnating you or stealing your information, Continue reading