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Dead Rats, Shit Sandwiches and Telegraph Punches

What the he double hockey sticks is he on about this time I hear,  all will be revealed he whispers. Continue reading


Smoke Choke Croak

I wrote this for our District Hospital after lamenting the effects of second hand smoke on me whilst ensconced in Hospital,  an edited version made it onto their comunications site as part of n anti smoking campaign  Smoke Choke Croak  Continue reading

Sitting on my Tongue (Confessions of a recovering keyboard warrior)

I have been nominated for awards for the patience and perservarance I have displayed when working with difficult people.  I know that I can sit and listen to others, I think if people understood how difficult that is sometimes I might perhaps deserve a medal.  Continue reading

Present Arms

Attention., present arms, slow march, shoulder arms, today is Anzac Day, all around the world people will gather to remember the sacrifices of the past. Here in New Zealand there has been a resurgence, not that long ago it seemed that this remembrance would die away like the Returned Service Men and Women who faithfully gathered on April 25th every year.  Continue reading

The Casketeers

I was listening to National Radio the other day and one of the panel recommended a documentary called The Casketeers TVNZ the-casketeers. This is a peep into the life of a funeral firm in Auckland.   Continue reading

Another Birthday

This thing inside of me my heart, has still a few tricks for me yet. I had well all I can call it was an episode.  All I can remember is ghostly grey figures, and noise.  I was caught, an out of body  response almost, somewhere I summoned up the strength Continue reading

Taking it in my stride.

A blue grey sky and the sound of thunder remind me of my circumstance, the dusky smell of summer rain teases my nostrils, Continue reading