Housing First

New Zealand we have a problem.

We have entered a period where interest rates are at a 70 year low, good news one might say for those who are borrowing however there is a huge barb in this.  On the back of this means that people can afford to borrow more money thus driving the value of housing stock in an upwards movement. Continue reading


Too Thick To Drink and Too Thin To Plow

Such is the description of a number of muddy waters, the Waikato River is one of these it goes from the beautiful blue crystal clear water that comes out of Lake Taupo Continue reading

I’m a Little Bit Country

So goes the lyric from the Osmonds, a theme song sung in their variety show, it started in 1976, my introduction to a little bit counrty was around that time in the form of a weekly program called Country Calendar it’s a New Zealand documentary television series focusing on rural life in New Zealand. Continue reading

Beware Fat Boy on a Bike

Those of you who know me well will know that I went through a period of great weightloss sustained it for a couple of years and then I have slipped back.  Now there have been some good reasons why I stopped physical exercise, injury and illness, but that is really boring because I know that the way to maintain weight is to Continue reading

Warning this blog is about Cancer, it may be hurtful to some people. Stupid Cancer

If you are on facebook then I am sure you would have recieved  messages along the line of Stupid Cancer with accompanying didactic demand to repost the the message if you care.  A heads up people, I dont repost very much let alone stuff like that.   Continue reading

Just be kinder. Be respectful. Be honest.

I have a dear friend who has started on a journey to tidy up the loose ends in his life.  At this stage he doesn’t know how long he has left before he departs this mortal coil however he is adamant that all the loose ends that can be tidied up will be.  Continue reading

To All The Words I Used To Know

E Tu Brutus ,That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain, ‘A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines..  I call myself a poet and a writer, but don’t ask me to remember great gushing gouts of Shakespeare or to unleash illuminating lines from Emerson, Continue reading