Shite dressed up fancy is still shite

Brooke Sabin with this article shows two things, the shite standard of journalism in NZ, they have missed some basic facts that if one wants they can cycle from Auckland to Matamata on a trail already! Yes the Auckland part is a wee bit challenging but from Kaiaua on it is grade 1. Continue reading

Am I Radio Rental?

I saw a Psychiatrist earlier this year, many of you may be as surprised as I was when he said that I was completely normal and sane.  I am still not convinced about that, I guess normal comes in many shades and as for sanity Continue reading

Sometimes When My Sister Talks I Hear My Mum Come Out.

Passionate, short, fiery, a human dynamo, that’s a few words you could describe my sister.  Patricia Susan Gapes (nee Cronin)  also known as Trish, Patsy Sue (call her that at your own risk).  Today is her birthday. Continue reading

What’s Brown and Sticky?

Of course, a stick, pretty easy really, I have a picture of a brown and sticky thing.  I took it with me for the workshop I took at the Wallace Gallery 8th Annul Arts Festival. Continue reading

NZTA Victory for the Community

You may have noticed my letter to the editor of The Morrinsvlle News  Your Morrinsville News, Below is the full text of the letter.  the editor pointed out quite correctly tha as there was a lot of interest it needed to be abridged, and a good job she did of it, here is the complete text.  Continue reading

Matamata-Piako mayor says ‘sexism’ is at play in local body election.

Mayor Jan Barnes says that she is being plagued by sexism in this local body election,  In this post I examine her statements, Continue reading

Life Styles, Opportunities, Home Matamata-Piako District

Great news for Local Businesses

Over the years we have seen a constant race to the bottom when it comes to procurement and tenders.  We have seen many contracts and tenders go off -shore or in the case of Local Government to non-local businesses.  Continue reading