Perhaps I am Radio Rental

I’ve written before about mental health issues. We have been told that Covid is hard and that it is impacting on peoples mental health. Well I resemble that remark although my issues are more around a lack of mobility. That aside, I don’t think I have ever seen a time where so many people are spouting conspiracy theories that are wide enough to walk an Elephant through. from secret visits of Bill Gates through to pedophile groups that include Oprah Winfrey. As they say what the actual fuck? I know a bit about deviance, mental illness and psychology. Some may say that’s inside knowledge, well I once saw Santa in his sled so I guess I resemble that remark.

Let me tell you all is not well in our mental health system. It is grossly underfunded and with that underfunding has come the rationing of services. Public mental health systems cloak that in masks like self determination, the rights of the individuals, the rejection of cultural and whanau knowledge and practices. Largely they see themselves as the only holders of knowledge in mental health. they are captured by the system. I will go further and say that narrative capture is prolific in all areas of health.

The thing is that the Elephant on the room is funding, those who tell the truth are shunned, ignored, sacked and discriminated against. Christchurch DHB has had it’s leadership team gutted from resignations in the last few weeks. & out of 11 have gone. Just why is speculation however conflict with the Board has been suggested as one of the big issues. Another scalp has been added to that with the shock resignation of Michelle Arrowsmith who was the deputy director-general of DHB performance, support and infrastructure.

Ian Powell, former senior doctors’ union executive director Ian Powell said “There was widespread angst and tension from DHBs generally about her style.” Described as authoritarian, top down and abrasive there is not many who will miss her. Coming from an NHS background I can only imagine that our system was indeed difficult for her to negotiate. I digress however.

ChristChurch is important, the strains on them have been huge since the earthquake, this has not been funded enough by National or the labour led coalition. The reason for the failure under Labours watch is the coalition partner New Zealand First. The reason under National is neo-liberalism. As a country we pretty well with acute illness and injury.Yes at times overwhelmed , and definitely under staffed and underfunded however our good work really comes because of the dedicated frontline staff. Where we fall down is in chronic care.

Some of this is down to far too many middle managers and DHBs. However the biggest contribution to underfunding cannot be blamed on anyone other than the citizens who live here and their individualism with the mantra that taxation is bad. How hard it is for people who cannot work has recently been under the spotlight because covid has hit the working/middle class hard. However people here is the truth you pay for what you get, so keep rejoicing in cheap electronics and gadgets, cars etc just remember how good that was when you or one of your loved ones is waiting for surgery.

The Economy of Death Innocence Lost?

Lately, our news has been full of death and taxes, the two things that allegedly we cannot avoid. It is not if but when, as far as taxes go in New Zealand, they are a given whenever you spend any money in the legal economy, boom taxes. Death however not quite so instant but just as guaranteed. We do not know necessarily when we will die but die we shall.

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Let’s end the LockDown because of Cost

Said the cynics, you know those who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing, that is to quote Oscar Wilde, Continue reading


Don’t read this if you are evenly moderately easily offendable.  I think it is a wonderful piece of writing that sums up Trump very well, don’t say you were not warned if you do read it. A great piece of opinion.

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A Hundy In My Pocket

I’m broke but I’m happy, I’m poor but I’m kind, so go the lyrics in Alanis  Morrisette’s song”, hundy (2)Hand In My Pocket”. Hand in My Pocket . Continue reading

The Truth Never Wins A Popularity Competition

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Shite dressed up fancy is still shite

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Am I Radio Rental?

I saw a Psychiatrist earlier this year, many of you may be as surprised as I was when he said that I was completely normal and sane.  I am still not convinced about that, I guess normal comes in many shades and as for sanity Continue reading

Sometimes When My Sister Talks I Hear My Mum Come Out.

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What’s Brown and Sticky?

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