This is a blog I follow, interesting that even in America thy follow our ANZAC day.

In honor of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have fought in numerous wars for their freedoms and the rights of others; 25 April is the designated date for memorial ceremonies and tribute…

Source: ANZAC Day


When is enough?

How many times must I forgive my brother, Lord?   So says Peter in  a question to Jesus Howmanytimes, Peter postulates a good number up to seven times my Lord? Jesus replies not up to seven times, Peter is probably thinking phew that is not so hard then when Jesus hits him with the knockout,

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Still the Same

I saw Johnny the other day again, I wrote about him in this post, abedandadresser.  He was  on the road to nowhere at the time, well he found somewhere Continue reading

DNF (did not finish)

A friend of mine Mike Tennent wrote recently of his experience in the Tarawera Ultra Marathon Tawarewa Ultra Marathon , he injured himself and was not able to finish, a first for him, the only other time he recorded a DNF Continue reading

Lost in Translation

The art of humour can be hard to grasp at times, nothing like a joke that goes down like a cup of cold sick.  I have been in social situations where people have made assumptions about who I am and have told blatantly racial, sexist,sexual bad taste jokes. I have told jokes to big meetings Continue reading

Feb the 1st

Feb 1 has come and gone, Feb 1 was my mums birthday, I thought about her as I often do and wonder how things might have been different if she were alive today.  She has been gone 23 years now and whilst I still miss her it is nowhere near the intensity of when she first passed away. Continue reading

Forgive me Father, (part 1)

for I have sinned. Unless you are Catholic you my not recognise these words, when I was growing up they were the beginning words of the act of confession, they were  muttered in a dark box Continue reading