Still the Same

I saw Johnny the other day again, I wrote about him in this post, abedandadresser.  He was  on the road to nowhere at the time, well he found somewhere Continue reading

DNF (did not finish)

A friend of mine Mike Tennent wrote recently of his experience in the Tarawera Ultra Marathon Tawarewa Ultra Marathon , he injured himself and was not able to finish, a first for him, the only other time he recorded a DNF Continue reading

Lost in Translation

The art of humour can be hard to grasp at times, nothing like a joke that goes down like a cup of cold sick.  I have been in social situations where people have made assumptions about who I am and have told blatantly racial, sexist,sexual bad taste jokes. I have told jokes to big meetings Continue reading

Feb the 1st

Feb 1 has come and gone, Feb 1 was my mums birthday, I thought about her as I often do and wonder how things might have been different if she were alive today.  She has been gone 23 years now and whilst I still miss her it is nowhere near the intensity of when she first passed away. Continue reading

Forgive me Father, (part 1)

for I have sinned. Unless you are Catholic you my not recognise these words, when I was growing up they were the beginning words of the act of confession, they were  muttered in a dark box Continue reading



They abound at this time of the year, we as a nation have historically not so good at celebrations Continue reading

Transience a form of neglect?


As a Statutory Social Worker one of the tasks I had to complete was to determine whether I believed a child or young person was in need of care and protection, Continue reading