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Factum est quod Factum est (what’s done is done)

2017 is finishing, for me, not in a whiz bang fireworks way but with a kind of sad exhausted whimper. I look back over my year, bugger all written, a messy kind of separation, surgery, health challenges, village idiots and foil hat wearers ad nauseam.  Continue reading


Dear Julia

“Thanks Dad for the ride” it’s just over a kilometer to school and normally Julia walks to school, as a year 11  Julia is 15 years old and tomorrow she turns 16 with all that being 16 means.  We told her a while ago that at 16 Continue reading

Two o’clock and all’s well

All is well right now in our world, Zorro, is sitting on the sofa, one eye open just in case and Charlie is lying peacefully, ever alert to clear and present dangers from door-knockers, cats, and biscuit thieves.  Continue reading

When is enough?

How many times must I forgive my brother, Lord?   So says Peter in  a question to Jesus Howmanytimes, Peter postulates a good number up to seven times my Lord? Jesus replies not up to seven times, Peter is probably thinking phew that is not so hard then when Jesus hits him with the knockout,

Continue reading

Feb the 1st

Feb 1 has come and gone, Feb 1 was my mums birthday, I thought about her as I often do and wonder how things might have been different if she were alive today.  She has been gone 23 years now and whilst I still miss her it is nowhere near the intensity of when she first passed away. Continue reading

Lust, like and love.

Three words that a 15 year old told me they understood the difference between the other day.  I am fortunate in many ways to have many teenagers around me, at work and home, they keep me honest  Continue reading

Guest Post From My Delightful Daughter Julia

Keep Campbell Live

The following is a repost from my daughter, she wrote this and I share it with you

I can tell you one thing, Media works needs to keep Campbell Live. New Zealanders need their issues addressed, need them to be herd and need a voice who can speak for the ones who can’t be heard and Campbell Live has done that.

He has changed lives and made New Zealand whole in a way that others have never been able to fix. Ever since I was young I grew up watching Campbell because my parents always did but only now do I realize the impact he has made. When I was younger I had buck teeth, I wasn’t confident in myself at all, I was afraid of meeting new people and even buying something from the shop was huge for me. A couple of years later when I was starting progress in my teeth from seeing an orthodontist, Campbell did an interview on Evan and his major buck teeth. He raised over 100,000 dollars which payed for his treatment, the rest of the money being able to pay for his younger sisters teeth the family alongside Campbell proceeded to start up a charity that paid for children’s dental work in new Zealand.

For that one story, he changed Evans life, his sisters life, and 100s of other kids who’s parents couldn’t afford to pay for their kids dental  treatment.

Lunch Box day, he worked together with Kids Can to provide lunches for children all over New Zealand.  Imagine that, 1000s of kids didn’t go hungry that day, or in the near future.

Can’t you see New Zealand? It’s not National who has done all this! What good have they done? Open your eyes and stop giving credit to the ones who have only taped up the crack on the fence but give a pat on the back to the guy who has replaced the whole fence.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata! What is the most important thing in life? It is people! It is people! It is people!

Thank you John Campbell, for helping New Zealand and focusing on the people.You have made a difference and influenced me to make one too.