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Equal Under The Law (The Motto of Graham McCready)

Son of an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic, perennial battler for justice, love him or hate him, if you read about his life you should respect him, Continue reading


Grappling with the big questions Part 1

I have just finished a book by Philip Yancey, The Question That Never Goes away  (What is God up to in a world of such tragedy and pain).  In this book Yancey grapples with acts of unspeakable evil, and shares his thoughts about where God is, in places like Sandy Hook, the Twin Towers (911) and many other places where disaster has struck wither through human hands.   Nothing quite prepares you for facing death, either your own Continue reading

Knowing too much

Over the years I have been privy to a lot of confidential information, criminal records, identities of abusers, the dirty laundry of families, skeletons in the closet even political secrets.  Some of it is quite comedic and other stuff is just well ugly.  I still walk down the street today and see people I know “stuff” about, stuff I rather would not know.  I am good at keeping secrets and confidentiality, Continue reading

Karma or calmer?

The concept of Karma is often talked about, especially when we are talking about people who do bad things to others, oh Karma will get them, they will pay in the end, they’ll get theirs.  Easy words to utter, glib, the flow off our tongues like sugar from a spoon, but like sugar they can be useless and meaningless. Continue reading

Cash Gas Grass or Arse. Nobody rides for free!

This narrative on a bumper sticker I have seen far too often that for me is indicative of one of the reasons why I believe “Roast Busting” is a society problem.After my blog on the roast busters I got asked a simple question, the gist was did I really believe it was. I am not sure exactly what part of my blog was considered to be incorrect however on reflection I am even more convinced of the role that society has in the Roast Busters saga. So what is my evidence. I remember a catchy little tune and the lyrics, I sung along the first few lines Follow me, everything is alright
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you want to leave, I can guarantee
You won’t find nobody else like me and then suddenly I heard I’m not worried ’bout the ring you wear
‘Cause as long as no one knows then nobody can care and I realised I was singing a song that celebrated adultery, Now I am not that conservative, not these days and live and let live but I can tell you what I think about adultery and frankly it is a destroyer, enough on that and perhaps another blog. So the lyrics that are inserted into popular songs are often striking at the fabric of society. There is that kind of narrative going on right through the music industry, the lyrics that are more explicit are easy to deal with, but it is the insidious ones that sneak up on you. It is the insidious views in society that I want to talk about, the deeply entrenched sexist beliefs that are reinforced by the continual sexual bombardment that dominates our music industry, which merely reflects society.
Now what I am talking about here is the boys club, the comments and attitudes that I hear every day reinforce to me the belief that it is our society that not only allows and even condones the behaviour exhibited by the West Auckland Rapists I refuse from here on in to call them by any other name as Rapists they are. Now when I talk about society I accept that I am part of the problem so I am not standing on a pedestal here. But here is where it starts, and men please tell me you have never heard this before, you come up against a strong woman, perhaps in a position of influence and power, perhaps espousing politics you don’t agree with, then it turns out that she doesn’t have a husband . Straight away the speculation starts, often about her sexuality, but often enough these men know the cure! What she needs is a good shag! That would sort her out. This kind of attitude is the more shall we say sanitised end of society. What I see in my work with young men is deeply entrenched attitudes where they want to “root” every girl they know. As soon as they have “rooted” the young woman she turns from being a hotty to a slut or a ho. Where do they get these attitudes from? They are so commonly held and almost universal. When I hear these attitudes voiced I confront them. I tell the young men, that they are hypocritical and ask them to explain why they think such a way? I tell my young men in my family the truth, and I have told my daughters the same, most young men when they have a girlfriend have sex on their mind, they are focused on the prize. Now I say most not all but the prevalence of such an attitude that is often reinforced and celebrated by both their peers and their male relatives and older role models.
So I guess for me that is just one of the reasons why I say that the West Auckland Rapists are a societal issue that is deeply entrenched and prevalent in our society. Please disabuse me of this position if you disagree.