Karma or calmer?

The concept of Karma is often talked about, especially when we are talking about people who do bad things to others, oh Karma will get them, they will pay in the end, they’ll get theirs.  Easy words to utter, glib, the flow off our tongues like sugar from a spoon, but like sugar they can be useless and meaningless.  Sugar by itself does nothing, add it to a cup of tea, baking whatever and it brings a quality to it.  Sugar spilled on the ground will achieve nothing notions of Karma are the same, meaningless.  If you talk about concepts such as justice, reinstatement, things being made right they are great concepts but they seem unreal concepts because in the end it seems that life is not fair.  What use is karma to people who are grieving for lost children, partners friends,people taken by acts of violence or neglect?  Tell the victims of that karma will get them, my advice is to wear a hard hat and stand well back. It is an unpleasant thought that justice will not always prevail but it is reality.  Justice means many different things to different people, I used to believe in justice but I realise that I was naive and deluded. I do believe in the rule of law, and I do believe that we can influence the world we live in to try and produce some equity perhaps and maybe to reduce the effects of injustice that is perpetrated on people.

I have written before about how I am hardwired to care, I don’t often walk away from situations that confront me, and I am happy to battle for others.  I am a little less enthusiastic these days when it comes to things that have happened to me.  I have been known to pursue people and or departments to get my pound of flesh.  I find it to be generally an empty hollow victory when I win.  Often because to do so means that I have had to ignore or over – ride some of my core beliefs.  Recently on more than one occasion I have had to let some gross slurs and even defamation fall where it lay, accept that no matter what I did or said I would in the end never fell right.  Even when I have information or knowledge about  someone who has offended me I have chosen not to pursue that. Not because of some moralistic I am better than them kind of belief but that I do not want to become bitter and unbalanced.  I want my resistance, anger, desire for change to mean something and I will not use it on people who in the end are not able to be helped, who are unwilling to look at themselves and deal with the fundamental issues in their lives.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a pushover, an easy beat,  I have filed a number of official complaints in the last week, all on behalf of other people ans people I have never met, I will hold people accountable for their actions and their inaction, especially when it comes to people who are vulnerable in our community.  I have a huge project to get my teeth into, something of national significance, I have been reluctant to take it on but over and over again I see repeats of the kind of issues that are involved in this case and unfortunately people end up dead or severely harmed as a result.  Enough is enough, it may take some time I have needed to ensure that I am doing it for the right reasons and approach it from a calmer position not that of Karma .  We need to be careful at times because sometimes we get what we ask for, we need to unsure it is actually what we want.



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