Equal Under The Law (The Motto of Graham McCready)

Son of an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic, perennial battler for justice, love him or hate him, if you read about his life you should respect him,

McCready is a flawed man, he has fought many battles, been assaulted by homophobic servicemen, broke the jaw of a man who was assaulting a woman.  We know him here because he has been a thorn in the side of politicians and the tax man. Labeled as a vexatious masked crusader by some it does on the surface appear to be a reasonable label but…

In society we use labels often, we use them to accord status, Sir, Your Honour, Your Majesty, other labels are used to denigrate put down and to stop us from engaging with the real issues at times. Sometimes people have earned their labels well and truly, other times….well we are noted here in New Zealand for our predisposition towards engaging in the tall poppy syndrome, for people who stick their head above the parapet id Graham McCready suffering from this?

When one reads Graham’s life story (and I challenge you to do so here http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10483895 ).One can see that Graham has achieved a lot in his life.  h has stood up to corruption and crime often, and has paid the price for it.  After I read it my perspective of Graham has changed from a grumpy old man to someone who has been engaged in rooting out corruption and standing up for good.  Graham believes that we should all be equal under the law.  Therein lies the problem.

I have been a change agent and I know the labels that get given to people like me.I believe it is a mechanism for many people so they do not have to think about the issue, it is a way to shrug off any responsibility to care, not surprising in our society that celebrates individual centered consumerism. Things matter to me, integrity, justice, fairness, the small things as well as the large, I am sure that many people would rather shut up, I disturb their equilibrium.  It gets tiresome often trying to stand up and one can get tired of fighting.  One learns to pick ones fights mostly, but enough about me back to Graham McCready, he needs to learn a lesson.

Graham has been the recipient of some opprobrium resulting from his attempt to bring a private prosecution against John Key for Ponytail gate.  This has been for a number of reasons.  Those who think there are bigger fish to fry, that itis a trivial matter, part of the job, there are others who just love John Key and to concede that he has done anything wrong would challenge their world view and open themselves up to questioning their Global view. There are others like a special friend of mine who see his private prosecution as a persecution.  Not a persecution of John key but of the wait person involved in this.  She has made it really clear that she does not need, want ,require, appreciate, Grahams “help”. Now if she was in need of protection perhaps but she isn’t.  Graham has to confront the truth that he is not a rescuer he is now a persecutor and he needs to leave it alone.  It is unlikely that he will because of his past.  Graham has been a victim for most of his life and unless he has some form of resolution of that he will carry on.  Graham if you read this, leave it alone, your principle is correct but your premise is not.  In pursuing this you are effectively continuing to pull Amanda Baileys hair, you are not better than John key, just as infantile and just as culpable.

Graham needs to leave this well alone, I am sure justice will be done, for the rest of John Key’s foreseeable future he will pay the price, sniggering jokes cartoons, sayings, he will be the butt of all of these, no question about it, Amanda is likely to have some form of justice as well, we are unlikely to ever know how that works out as these things are just that way.  The lesson in this for all of us is to remember that there can be unintended consequences in all of our actions, one cannot win every battle and one need to be reflective and know when one is wrong.  No need to lose your social justice at all just the need to balance it with wisdom.

Kia Kaha



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