Roast Busters a society problem?

Roast Busters, Rapists, Misogynists, whatever you may want to call them. Why are we surprised/ this behaviour has been going on for years, if not centuries, getting girls/ woman drunk and men raping them. The only difference in this case is that they boasted about it on the internet, not in the boys toilets or playgrounds or smoko rooms. Depending on who you read there is a varied amount of opinions about the cause and the cure. The police have been universally castigated. Some of it warranted, some not. The woman interviewer has been tried and convicted without any evidence, some commentators like Michele A’court castigate the Police and the interviewer in particular. A pity because whilst she makes some very good points about rape not being a sexual crime rather a hate crime, she does her position a dis service in her ill informed about the kinds of questions that need to be asked of a victim.
Be very sure reporting a crime can be very traumatic, when that crime is one that is against a person then it is even more traumatic, it necessitates the reliving of the crime. This is very unpleasant and traumatic. The question to be asked about this is why? Well the rule of law necessitates it. Without the rule of law we have anarchy. The law should be innocuous, that is not value laden but it is not. I have been through such ordeals, personally, and vicariously where I have had to deal with the aftermath of these crimes and have had these kinds of crimes revealed to me first hand. I no longer work within the Social Work area as it is just too traumatic and it is very hard to dehumanise the behaviours and the victims and at times this means that your hear is broken as well….
Whilst we hear the call for the perpetrators to be brought to justice and I agree, my effort is put in to prevention. At the heart of this we have a society that is inherently sick. We see constant sexualisation of children and woman. We have a permissive society that allows absolute filth that masquerades itself as “entertainment” . We have many parents in our society that condone and indeed facilitate under age sexual activity in their own homes allowing “live in boyfriends”
The liberals promote a society of freedom of choice then bemoan the consequences of that very same choice. Try contacting Child Youth and Family about underage sexual activity. They will want to know whether the sex is consensual! How can a child give consent to sexual intercourse, they have no idea of the long term consequences of their decisions. This permissiveness is pervasive through out our society. Our secondary schools are evidence of this, children tell their teachers to get fucked with impunity, they offer to “knock them out” should a teacher have the temerity to challenge them in any way, shape or form about their behaviour.
Dare utter a word in Maori and the comments such as speak English, why are you using that language for, resonate through the room. At the heart of this are homes where racism is alive and well. Girls are hos, slags and bitches. Boys brag about their conquests and girls discuss loudly what they would like so and so to do to them and what they have done with whom. There are no boundaries and there are few consequences. Society needs to acknowledge that it’s permissiveness has a price and decide whether it is one that is worth paying.
In the meantime I challenge sexism, racisms and every other form of ism in society as they are a pox and a blight. I prefer to wait to hear the outcome of the Police inquiry into the interviews before I pass judgement.
As an aside I cam across roastbusters months and months maybe years ago and reported it to facebook who let it stand, perhaps I could have done more? I could not find it the second time and presumed it was taken down. Obviously not, unless you are part of the solution then a part of the problem you are. I thought I was part of the solution. ….


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