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Too Clever Too Quick, Daniel Patrick Livingstone, Another Perspective.

This post is a bit longer than normal and it may offend some people, hopefully it will allow us to think in depth about a very problematic issue that is current.

The news about Daniel Patrick Livingstone was surprising for me.  I was concerned about this man and his potential for further offending as were a large number of people.  When his profile is laid along alongside that of Tony Robertson who ran over and raped and killed Blessie Gotinco Continue reading


I bin on holiday,

So goes the old joke,  man wants to get rid of some rubbish, asks a friend where his wheely bin is, where you bin, man replies on holiday, first guy says no where you wheely bin, other guy says well I bin to jail but I tell everyone I bin on holiday.   Continue reading

Equal Under The Law (The Motto of Graham McCready)

Son of an alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic, perennial battler for justice, love him or hate him, if you read about his life you should respect him, Continue reading

Judges Chapter One

For the little stealing they lock you up and put you in Jail, but kill someone…. .

Today I read how an inveterate offender was sentenced to a total of six years jail.  Continue reading