Mark Mitchell MP 100% Vindication for Stupidity

Mark Mitchell, National MP trumpeted that the Sydney seige was a 100% vindication for the anti terror legislation that he was in charge of in New Zealand.  The old adage that goes it is best to shut your mouth and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt would have been sage advice for Mr Mitchell.  This vapid headline seeker crowed aloud that the siege in Sydney proved that their legislation was 100% justified, he should have waited, for a number of reasons.  Firstly in seeking to make political capital out of such an occurrence, merely proves he values the sound of his own voice and the sight of his name in the headlines over the pain and anguish that our Australian cousins were feeling.  Bad form old sport I would say and his Boss John Key should tell him and he should apologise.

The second reason why he should have waited is that he did not have the full picture or as it has become blatantly obvious he did not have any of the picture, he made assumptions and we know that to assume makes an ass well not out of you and me this time but out of himself. John Key said that he needed to make sure that this term he and his MPs did not become arrogant, oops fail so far, just an ongoing arrogance from this bunch of clowns.  You see Mark Mitchell if had waited would have found out that the anti terror legislation would not have stopped Man Haron Monis. Monis was already known to the Police, on bail accused of extremely serious charges.  He was well known for his Jihadist anti-western views and a Police persecution complex.  Police had opposed bail and with good cause.

One of the questions that I asked was how did a man with such obvious potential to be problematic obtain a fire arm, surely Police or AISO, the Australian Intelligence Service would have him under observation?  Another question was why did the Police not take him out, it appeared that there were many opportunities to do so?  Well we do know that somehow he dropped off the AISO watch list, there is conjecture that he had a fire arms license, (conjecture only). Why was he out on bail? He was accused of being an accessory to murder, and of sexual violence crimes.  This incident may provoke a timely review of bail laws however it needs to be much more wide ranging than that.

Man Haron Monis is alleged to suffer from mental illness, we know how poorly mental illness is managed in New Zealand, guess it is similar in Australia.  You see you have to be barking, raving, crawling up the walls mad to be hospitalisd in new Zealand and if you are fortunate only to suffer from a personality disorder then your chances of being committed are about nil  (perhaps why Mark Mitchell walks the streets, making inane pronouncements about things he has no right to or understanding about).

Tori Johnson, Katrina Dawson payed the ultimate price for the permissiveness, carelessness and stupidity that allowed this man to be on the streets.  We do not know whether it was bullets from his gun that killed them but regardless he was responsible for their deaths.  This is an incident that could have been prevented, but it wasn’t, it was not inevitable and it needed no special legislation tpo prevent it.  It needed the Judiciary to get their heads out of their arses and understand that it is sometimes necessary to deprive people of their freedom before they are convicted of any crimes, it needed the people who are in charge of mental health to recognise that the safety of the majority needs to override the rights of individuals, especially where there is clear evidence of their proclivities towards violence and delusional thoughts.  It needed AISO to do the job it is supposed to, identify and monitor people who pose threats to others, they got the identification right (it wasn’t hard) but they failed to monitor Monis for whatever reason.

All the Sydney Seige proved was that even with the best legislation in the world we cannot prevent tragedies, it takes a vigilant community and legal system to deal with it.  There are a number of things that need to happen once the enquiries are complete but there is one that should happen straight away, Mark Mitchell should breathe through his nose, that will stop him from opening his ill informed arrogant mouth and proving his lack of intelligence beyond all doubt.  Editors of News papers should make a stand and refuse to print such grand-standing, self serving,opportunistic, aggrandizement dribble, shame on The New Zealand Herald as well as Mark Mitchell,

In the mean time hold close the people you love,



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