Two o’clock and all’s well

All is well right now in our world, Zorro, is sitting on the sofa, one eye open just in case and Charlie is lying peacefully, ever alert to clear and present dangers from door-knockers, cats, and biscuit thieves.  I wrote in my last post about Charlies watchfulness, he joined a good team with the other animals in our house, Zorro you know, Tonto our black and white cat (every hero needs a sidekick) Ash was next, our gender confused cat, brought up as a female until I had a close inspection and Charlie.


It would be a long pull of the bow to call Tonto and Ash watch cats but they can hear the fridge open from 100 metres, they can distinguish between the opening of a packet of rice or a pouch of cat-food at a similar distance and they are adept at locating lost cat biscuit tins, (relocated to a safe place where they can’t be opened or knocked down.  Ash has a party trick where he can open the toast and grill oven on the bench, he hasn’t worked out how to accrues it yet though.


Our quadrupeds are all on guard for threats and opportunities.  Zorro only needs the rattle of car keys or for me to put on my shoes and then he lets me know he is up for a walk or a ride, Charlie is quickly learning to follow suit. Charlie is beginning to show us the same enthusiasm. I wrote in my lost blog about why he might be so protective of his food because it probably was something he has had to compete for or has been in short supply in his life.  Even now as I write Charlie is facing the kitchen keeping an eye on the dog biscuits on the floor, he could eat them but he must be full; he just sits and keeps watch.  I remember an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond, his mother Marie has a settee in her lounge, it was bought brand new and promptly covered with a plastic cover so it didn’t become…well damaged, used, old.  One day Marie is convinced to take the cover off, however in a very short time it goes back on again to be hermetically sealed for ever, a slippery sweaty, uncomfortable reminder about life.


Where am I going with all this I can hear the howls rising in the distance, well it is like this. I talked about people who like Charlie that are always on guard in case they miss out, Marie’s sofa is a prime material example of another aspect of that kind of thinking. People like Charlie can become so focussed on what they are missing out on that they forget to live in the present.  Now I know that at times we can all be guilty of not living in the present, I have to remind myself of this especially when life is grinding me down however there are people who are so firmly entrenched in the past they may as well hang up their life boots and go down the garden and eat worms.  No matter how you try to help them they hang on to the past.  The may be” when wes” or “why mes”.


“When wes” are people who hanker back to perceived better times in the past, you may have heard them say things like “when we lived in whykickamoocow it was so much better”, often it is a term associated with immigrants, the easy answer to that is pack your bags and go back there then.  The more problematic is the why me.  These people are narcissistic, completely self-centred, usually unable to take responsibility for their lives, they think the world is against them it is a conspiracy, it is always some-one else’s fault.  Having people like this in your life is extremely hard work it wears you down, leaves you empty and inured, hardened often without empathy or sympathy to help them or worse still others.



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