On Guard

We have a new dog, Charlie is his name, Charles Edward to be precise.  Charlie was a rescue dog and we got him as his rescuers were downsizing. He is a cute long-haired Corgi.  Charlie needed a groom when he came unfortunately the result was well shall we say not desirable, his long coat was shorn and he looked more like a red panda than a long- haired Corgi.   Charlie has a number of endearing qualities, he is good natured, gets along with the other quadrupeds in the house, (the cats and dogs) except for one thing.

Now Corgis are a Welsh breed, the name actually means dwarf, so when you look at his short limbs and normal sized body you can understand that, agile, fast, strong, loyal, and protective.  They were bred as watch dogs, and belong to the same class as Siberian Huskies.  They are an old breed, recorded as far back as the 10th century and are natural herders. I digress however.

charlieCharlie is energetic, affectionate, cuddly, and very clever, they are rated as the 11th most intelligent breed he does have a couple of traits that are slightly problematic.  Like most herding dogs he has a great appetite and he is very food orientated, so can be prone to obesity, he etas rather quickly thus he is prone  to burping and unfortunately farting.  He and the Labrador that is a temporary boarder often seem to have fart battles as well where they lob their farts from behind the sofa to the front, like an old fashioned trench warfare battle, I don’t think it is as bad as mustard gas however…..  Now if only the warfare was limited to fart battles.

Charlie as I mentioned is protective, he joins with his amigo Zorro and challenges strange noises, visitors, cars and things that go bump in the night. He lies down always facing away from us, eyes ready for any potential danger, he has perfected the reaction to bad cat and heads off at break neck speed to tell the cats off. He unfortunately guards his food as well.  We have only had contretemps about food.  Charlie will have eaten and there may be some left and he will take up a position between the other dogs and the food, if they move in the wrong direction a low growl emanates from him, there have been a couple of occasions where blows between the dogs have been exchanged.  Sid the lab is usually the culprit, twice as tall as Charlie and almost three times heavier it’s all on except that Charlie is not intimidated, stands his ground and goes for it.  Consequently Sid has developed a respect for Charlie and is very hesitant of trying to get food that is guarded by Charlie.

This behaviour seems to indicate that Charlie has had to fight for his food or perhaps he was under fed, he will eat till he nearly bursts and then guard the rest.  Well an interesting doggy tale you may say but what’s the point.  The point is that his behaviour reminds me of some people, they have suffered from some sort of loss in their life or some sort of deprivation and consequently develop guarding behaviours.  Some turn into hoarders, some develop thinking patterns that are unhealthy, they can emerge in lack of self-esteem or over confidence.  Well I think I will leave Charlie, Sid and Zorro for the night and pick this up in another post, just a thought, do you recognise a Charlie in your friends at all, or perhaps in yourself?


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