DNF (did not finish)

A friend of mine Mike Tennent wrote recently of his experience in the Tarawera Ultra Marathon Tawarewa Ultra Marathon , he injured himself and was not able to finish, a first for him, the only other time he recorded a DNF was due to an unsafe trail.  He wrote about the abject misery he felt, day one, no more ultra’s and no more running was his decision, day 2 ultas still off the menu but maybe a small run, day three a walk, and day 4 miketennentresolution he will be back next year to knock the bugger off.  Nice recovery Mike (DNF Mike Tennent). I have followed Mike over the last couple of years, I first met him whilst I was doing photography for a run he was completing, he was on a challenge running 52 half marathons or longer in 52 weeks to raise funds for hospice.

The race that Mike dnf in was 85 kilometers  yes that’s right 85.  I admired his determination and commitment.  Mike takes time to prepare for his challenges, he makes sure he has the right gear, sealed seam jacket, gel for energy and shoes, did I mention shoes, Mike likes his shoes and why not, they are essential for him to compete.  I like shoes as well but that is a whole other story.  Mike is determined to get back into it next year and complete the race.  Goals are great and the resulting change in life can be amazing.

In 2010 I set some goals, started a path of change for myself, it is 6 years since I started on that path way.  I completed a number of goals, some of them were concrete and cannot be taken away others are a lifestyle thing and can be lost.  I have gained two graduate diplomas, graduated as a teacher, lost a significant amount of weight (and found some of it again bugger.  As I write this I am recovering from shoulder surgery, a reconstruction for damage caused by a student, the injury has caused over a year long hiatus in my goal to becoming a fully registered teacher, it has also caused me to rethink the whole proposition.  Being sworn at jostled and threatened used to be a part of my every day work as a social worker, the assaults were the final straw for me, in teaching I hoped to escape that, well unfortunately not so far.

When teaching young people who are having difficulty in coping with school, teachers have very little in their tool kits to deal with seriously disruptive students, it is a problematic issue that deserves more attention, before I digress I will move back to my goals.  I just texted my wife how I am suffering from cabin fever sitting at home, not being able to drive or in fact do anything very physical is frustrating, whilst it is good that my head is finally clearing as I gain control over my pain levels I am far from out of the woods as yet and it doesn’t take much to knock me off my perch.  I don’t have the luxury indeed the liberty of just getting out of the house independently as yet.   No doubt it will come, however when I combine that with my loss of direction with employment it sometimes gets a bit much.

I hope to be like Mike and climb back onto my perch as quick as I can, in the mean time I am trying to knock off the side line issues that I am able to deal with and to do what I can where I am with what I have.  A cliche I know however it will have to suffice for now. Well done Mike and here’s to success next year,






One response to “DNF (did not finish)

  1. Nothing worse than getting injured halfway. After all that preparation,


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