Like My Life #National Poetry day

National Poetry Day I used to call myself a poet, more lately a writer, I have dropped a few poems onto paper and I still have my book ready to go.  I am a published writer and my work has been bought.  It was a big thing for me, people actually read my words and paid for the opportunity to do that.  Today is National Poetry day and in honour of that I write.

Like my life.

Today I sit, wonder and think

I look out at the world

My beliefs and thoughts have been under fire

Crashing to the earth they came

Buried under a heap of words

Hope, destruction, pain, truth, lies and fears,

Like my life

A few of the many that have slammed from my mind onto my slate

Crashing, resounding, fortissimo words, screaming, shouting

Swirling around like dead brown leaves caught in mini hurricanes

Like helium balloons let loose, not knowing where they land

Who might find them and what might be thought of them,

Like my life

Some smashing and exploding

Painting pictures over the sky

Some falling meekly, whimpering noiseless capitulation

Falling where they lay till they find new form and life

Like my life

Words of life are what I seek

Words that regenerate, reform, renew

Words that heal and calm

Like my life.

Words are my life,

They are my love

They are hope, happiness, live and redemption,

Words of love, falling from my mind, onto my slate,

Let them fly like birds

Soar across the sky

Finding new life, hope and happiness,

Like my Life

xxx Paul


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