The Buck Stops Here.

I wonder what kind of an upbringing they had?  Often the first response when a teenager or a naughty child comes on the radar, we hear it in the court reports, “your Honour, its understandable, my client has been brought up by  (insert your own adjectives here, drunk, addict,violent) parents.  It’s not their fault” .  The general public don’t care really, all they are interested in is retribution, they call it justice. justice has nothing to do with retribution, but I digress.  I have written before about the lack of accountability in society today, I am not sure why that is, I fell accountable.

I used to run a long way to avoid accountability for my own mistakes, accidents, whatever however not these days.  lately I have been feeling extremely accountable, some things that have happened, nothing I have done but by people I am responsible for ipso facto, my responsibility. Call it Catholic guilt if you like, it doesn’t matter, but it is real in my life.  taking responsibility for my own direct actions, is easy for me.  I did that well I am sorry, how can I make it right, I’ll pay, fix it whatever.  When someone else does the wrong thing, tha is a different kettle of fish.  I want to make it right but sometimes I can’t. When that person who stuffs it up is connected to me it is even worse, people point the finger and make accusations, sometimes openly sometimes, via gossip. The straight forward ones I can deal with, well the gossips…. they are the worst.

I have been caught in the crossfire of other peoples


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