Wēijī Crisis + Danger = Opportunity, right?

Recently I have been having a few struggles with issues in my life situation.  things that have taxed,confused and confounded me.  At times I have felt discombobulated.  Often at times like this one looks for solutions in that which we know or are familiar in.  Well meaning friends and acquaintances offer up advice, some crisishelpful some not so, some asked for and others well… Having had to stand on m own for so long in the past it is quite a difference for me to share issues with someone who has no agenda, someone who can just listen.  One of the phrases that has come to mind over this time has been opportunity arises from crisis,  I started to write about this and then thought I should have a closer look at it.  Somewhere in the back of bullshitbuttonmy mind my bullshit meter was off the counter going really hard.  For me slogans usually scream bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  you know, the whispering wet weak platitudes that people offer at funerals or times of loss, like he/she is in a better place, smile and the world smiles with you (they are probably laughing at you).

I had a look at what this slogan really means and where it was coined, according to the sources I used what this symbol really means is there is a time on the continuum of a crisis where it reaches a tipping point, and everything starts to go down hill at a great rte of knots unless… well unless what.  Some crises are just train wrecks nothing can be done till the train stops, the fires are put out and the casualties are taken to hospital.  Other times if one recognises that which is happening as a developing crisis then it is possible that one can take action before it becomes a full blown leg quaking, head shaking, brain aching mess.  None of this is a surprise considering one of the people that coined this and brought it into the vocabulary  was Richard Nixon, a famed bullshitter.

I recently Ire -read “Four Fires”by Bryce Courtenay  the narrative talks about “taking the spoon out of the sink”. Have you ever turned a tap on in the sink on a spoon, the water sprays everywhere, the Maloneys use this as a metaphor, when things go wrong and for when they had the foresight to take the spoon out of the sink so that when something goes wrong it is not so bad,kind of in the realm of support signpostunintended consequences.  When one arrives at places where one has to make decisions about important things it helps to have try and thought through ll the possible outcomes, much better to take the spoon out of the sink rather than look for the opportunity in crisis.  In my experience the opportunities in crisis are generally about making choices about how to react and what to react to.

A long time ago I learnt to sit on my hands when the urge to choke,slap or generally rearrange someones features , what has taken some time and is considerably more difficult is to sit on my tongue as it were.  I have learnt to use my draft box wen replying to emails, however in our instant society there are expectations. people expect instant answers to texts, and sometimes if one takes their time to reflect about conversations there are assumptions made, people put pressure on for instant answers and  decisions, this leaves plenty of opportunity to leave the spoon in the sink and having things turn to the brown stuff being splattered by a fan all over the place, easier to stop and think than clean up a mess of shit.  Most things don’t need to be dealt with right there and then unless it is a real crisis.


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