I bin on holiday,

So goes the old joke,  man wants to get rid of some rubbish, asks a friend where his wheely bin is, where you bin, man replies on holiday, first guy says no where you wheely bin, other guy says well I bin to jail but I tell everyone I bin on holiday.   Well I caught up with someone I know recently and asked her how she has bin.  Stella had been on “holiday”, quite a long one from what I can remember at least two years, a long time for a woman in New Zealand.  Stella is a gang moll, her man is high up in a gang.  The word on the street was she took the rap for someone else.  Didn’t do it but wouldn’t tell who did it.  I don’t even know what she did, it doesn’t matter to me.  Her story is like many of the woman who come across the judicial system in New Zealand.  Most of them are there because of men, generally the men in their lives that are their intimate partners, and from what I am learning many of them are taking the rap.

I hear the righteous squeals already, everybody has a choice, well actually sometimes the only choice they have is how to pick up the pieces after the conviction and punishment has been meted and the stigma glued.  Stella is stigmatized and guilty by association in many peoples eyes and probably including the court.  The more I read the more I come to understand that Justice and the court system are oxymoronic in New Zealand. Misoygyny and gender discrimination is well and truly ingrained into all facets of our nation, whether it be in the board room or the court room it really doesn’t matter.  I recently read the recent history of the appointment of women onto governance board in New Zealand.  It is clearly obvious slanted against women, but back to Stella for a moment.

Stella like a lot of Woman is a mum her life is punctuated by heart break perpetuated by the men in her life, from her grandfather down to her sons she has suffered at the hands of all of them, she is looked down on by people in the community I live in.  I am willing to bet that if Stella was a man her punishment would have been much less than what she got, Stella was sent to jail where she had to fight to survive, she is surprisingly positive about it because for her it was a holiday, no demands on her body, her mind, her resources, no partner violence to be imparted to her merely the violence meted out by the state.

I read that the Tony Robertson  the killer of Blessie Gotinco had breached the terms of his supervision order but not recalled, I am willing to bet that should Stella stray at all her ass will be slung straight back inside you see Stella is the lowest of the low, she is a convicted female, the only thing she has going for her is that she is Maori, so her cultural needs will be addressed, if you are a European woman convicted in New Zealand you have no cultural needs to be addressed.  Stella came out of jail with lots of certificates, she is labelled as under educated, she had lots of opportunities to get assistance, not a lot of it will matter, Stella will be discriminated against because of her past, none of the circumstances are likely to be taken into account, never mind that she is practically in serfdom. It would not matter, you see everyone has choice. Well frankly I don’t know any more about that, some things are just wrong, travestys of justice, and the worst part of this is that those who administer this justice are never held to account and are never made to take responsibility for their actions, unlike the world where Stella inhabits, they are on the side of right and might and everyone else is wrong.

Justice in New Zealand seems to be a sick joke to me.  If you have endless money you might get a better deal if not well you have to take what you are given and for goodness sake don’t put your head up and cry unfair cos you will get it chopped off real quick.



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