Is Daniel Patrick Livingstone another Tony Robertson? Our next killer?

I got it wrong,

When I wrote this as I awaited the delivery of the verdict of the jury in the trial of of the man who raped and killed Blessie Gotingco with a horrid feeling.  Deep in my heart I knew that this was done by someone who should not be walking our streets.  When I heard that he had been on GPS monitoring I thought it is easy to find out who he is surely,  I have a picture of him, I know how old he is, the information must be there.

I thought I found out who he was, enough information to track him down well I had it wrong the culprit was Tony Robertson, his story is here

The guy who I thought had committed the crime is Daniel Patrick Livingstone. Livingstone raped an 11 year old girl in the far north on April 14 2006, he had been drinking, Livingstone was walking along after drinking. He tried the doors of a parked car and then approached the victim as she was walking to a relative’s house after school. Livingstone grabbed the victim after she ignored him and dragged her down a driveway, threatening to kill her if she screamed. He then pulled her behind a shed, forced her to the ground and raped her, the police summary said. After he finished he said to the girl: “Look, you’ve made me all dirty.“.  This was a horrendous crime, bad enough to be considered for preventative detention.  I wonder if the judge who decided not to impose that sentence can live with their decision now. I wonder if they are refelcting on livingstones   Here is a man on monitored release with a GPS bracelet on that managed to rape and kill an innocent woman.  Now I don’t yet have possession of all the facts however at 19 years old to be considered for preventative detention one has to suspect that he had an extensive and worrying past list of convictions.  He most likely will have come to the attention of Child Youth and Family and graduated from Youth Court, there will have been people really concerned, people with a belief that if this man was released he would reoffend in a horrible way, people who are sickened, and burdened by that knowledge. There appears little doubt to me that he will offend again.  His history seems to be the same as Robertson

I have worked with sex offenders, murderers, rapists, child abusers, in a professional capacity, indeed in my extended family there are some.  One in particular comes to mind, he lived in a hostel I ran, Simon Evans is his name, Simon was a pleasant personable young man, who unfortunately had a long history of sexual abuse and sexual offending.  I was astounded when he was sentenced to preventative detention, I knew a different side to him, however that was in 1988, some 27 years later Simon is still in Jail, despite all the treatment and psychological programmes he has been involved in he remains a real threat to society.  At that time someone knew that the primary duty after punishment was protection.  They were brave enough to recognise the threat that Evans prevented.Yes Evans was a victim but it does not excuse him from what he did.  It is my belief that examining the life of Daniel Livingstone will show that he should have been given preventative detention, someone somewhere will have made this call and predicted the future.

Like Stephen Dudley whose life in the end counted for nothing, Blessi Gotinco’s death was preventable, it is the result of an over tolerant gutless society that lacks the will to call things how they are and then wrings their hands and cry crocodile tears when it all turns to shit.  Never again they exclaim, we can’t let it happen they will cry, then they will fight to have a cheaper “system” to be preventative.  They will complain about the cost of incarceration, they will remain passive when judges get it so completely wrong, not because they do not care but because it is too hard in their minds and it may impact on their life style if we have to pay more tax to address the evils of crime, and to keep society safe.

Blessie’s death and life do not count for nothing.  I will continue to advocate where I can for actions that will prevent tragedies such as this and will keep us all as safe as we can.

Time for a change.



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