Danger Will Robinson, (Signboards part three)

If you can remember this phrase then it certainly places you in an era. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this blog but then again I cant be sure because I often don’t know where my blogs end up once I have stated writing them.  Anyway that is enough discombobulation for right now.  This sign was on the IMG_20150717_125923.jpg signscounter of a computer store and I had, a what the moment as I read it.  The assistant said it was a way of explaining how the price cards were made up in their store, two thoughts struck me, firstly if you have to have a sign to explain your sign well that is perhaps an indication of a problem, the second thought is that perhaps the problem is not of the stores making.  We have signs all around us in this world that we ignore often and sometimes it is at our peril, or to our advantage.

Have you ever been to the airport, the check in counter is empty bar the assistant, the line is empty however the maze still exists, a kilometer to travel if you follow the line 0r 15 metres if you duck under the ropes, an ethical dilemma? Will someone say something if you duck through? Are you the kind of person that instinctively does what signs tell you to do?  there is a sign on a road that I travel frequently it yells at me to slow down whenever I pass it.  I ignore it because I don’t think  I am  going too fast.  There is an intersection nearby that is controlled by stop signs but I am told to slow down even though I am traversing a straight road, no give ways for me however we are dealing with Aucklanders here notorious in the Waikato you see, just on a mission they are and look out if you get in their way.

Ok before you Aucklanders get your underwear knotted I know it is a generalism, not all Aucklanders are like that, it just seems to be that way.  There are people however who just ignore signs and there are signs that are just stupid, just like some speed limits.  Is there a point in having a speed limit that everyone ignores (apart from gathering revenue)?  On another part of my journey there is a 70 km zone, it is by a school in the country.  Most people do not slow down for this sign especially if it is after school hours or it is holidays or weekend, the sign is pointless and when the Police set up there after hours and issue infringement notices it just reinforces the perspective that they are just revenue gathering.

It is understandable that people ignore signs that don’t make sense or are just nonsense, but there are so many ignorant people who ignore many signs, here are a few they ignoreslowdownimages school mobilitythere is of course always an excuse for their behaviour, I wont be long, I didn’t realise, no-one is around, yes it is a little incovenient at times to slow down to 20km when passing a stopped school bus, but much less than haveing a child splattered on your windscreen, as to mobility parks… well who cares I mean to say have you seen some of the people tht use them, they don’t even have wheel chairs, well as it happens, i don’t need a wheelchair at the moment, but I am going down the road of getting a card, just how it is for me at the moment, counting my lucky stars that I am not a horse, would have been shot!  As to school buses, kids do stupid things, and parents even more stupids, waiting over the other side of the road for their kids, zoom across, all over in an instant, at least at 20 km there is a chance of survival.  At the moment, signs make me think…



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