Stop,check your feet, make an appointment (signboards part 1)

So said the sign at the front door of the chemist we passed in Mount Maunganui today it was of course referring to a chiropody service they were offering.  I was in a playful mood and stopped my fiance and instructed her to check her feet, I di as well and there they were were they are always on the ends of my legs, joking aside it has made me think.  I was asked what I was going to write tonight and my reply was you name it I will write, well the subject chosen was the sign, so here we are.

As we drove back I was thinking about the many different reasons we should stop and check our feet.  There are good medical reasons we should check our feet, according to a dr friend of mine we should spend a good amount of money on the two things we spend the most time in, that is our shoes and our beds.  Feet are important to us.  That I fear is rather boring however it was one place my mind went.  The other place my mind went was another good reason to check your feet.  Inevitably for the most part it is our feet that lead us on our journey, sure we can think and plan our journeys as we travel through life but how often do we actually stop and think about where our feet are taking us and whether that is in fact the direction that we intend to take.

I like to think that I am by nature a reflective person and that I am pro-active rather than reactive, I certainly try to make that true in my life, and when I find  this not to be so, one tends to be quite hard on one’s self.  I believe that many situations that we find ourselves in could be avoided or if not avoided could be perhaps less hard on one if I became aware of the direction I was taking earlier.  We hear talk of unintended consequences, that actions or inactions may have influence on things that we have no idea about, sometimes for good, sometimes not so good. Have you ever used the expression if only I had thought about it earlier?

I have been encouraged to be more intentional over the last few months, well just what does intentional mean?  For me being intentional has been knowing what I wanted in life and instead of standing back with a que sera sera attitude what will be will be I have moved forward and spoken about, created room for and showed intention for something in my life.  The result has been life changing and really wonderful.  It has not

been without its challenges and even perhaps mini trials on the way however it is a journey that is more than worthwhile and it occurred because someone said to me an equivalent phrase to stop and check my feet.

It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in and out and expecting different results.  Are you stuck in a situation, have a goal you want to achieve, a desire or need that wish to achieve, do you really wonder why or do you just pay lip service to the notion of stopping and checking your feet?  It is really simple if you want to walk north there is no point taking a path that will never lead you north,  Sometimes you need to take a detour, but if your detours are taking you away then perhaps you need a better compass, or you need to check your feet a little more carefully.

Reflection on life is a great thing I am not talking about some navel gazing, self pitying party, rather an honest look in the mirror and if you are not sure then finding someone to talk to about it.  Not someone who will just agree with you, but someone who will be truthful with you because they respect and love you.

Live laugh love and reflect,



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