So what do we know?

I am sat in bed tonight. could say confined to my bed but in the end we all have choice, tonight I choose to deal with the pain in my shoulder and back by being in bed, one of the few concessions I make on a rare occasion

It doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with me, oh sure sometimes you can see me dragging my leg or limping, if you are attentive you might notice I try to do things left handed and am a bit awkward about it, there are some things I just well cannot do is too strong a word but well actually, sometimes I can’t open cans or jars, even putting my seatbelt on can be an issue.  I cannot work full time, just beyond me right now, I become this not very nice person when driven by pain and exhaustion, too tough on kids as a teacher but it will be alright in the end.The specialist doesn’t know yet what is wrong, frozen shoulder or rotator cuff well take your pick at the moment, but this is not a blog about me, but it is about that which we know or don’t know just by looking at someone.

We can make an educated guess sometimes, tonight I was watching some indian tv, and without understanding a word provided character analysis for 3 of the featured people on the programme they were astounded.  just a bit of body language and intuition I would say. However we can get it so wrong You mau homeless-man-piano-400x209have seen this picture and caption “Homeless Man Steps Up To Piano And Stuns Crowd With Beautiful Performance” . Looking at this man one might make assumptions about him and his life style. The narrative that is told around this and I have no reason to disbelieve it is that his wife died and he was over come with grief and turned to drugs/alcohol and lost everything.  I stopped as it were and listened to a while.   I love the piano and love to hear it being played, it is a  highly evocative and emotional instrument for me.  That is not that story I want to tell.

The story I want to tell is a story of a world full of broken people who we should try to see through a lens of compassion.  that does not mean we have to tolerate their anti-social behaviours but we need to as far as we can remove the barriers to participation in life. It is not just the homeless who have a story however.  There are people who we meet in everyday life who have a story that if you knew it you might look at them differently.  I count it as a privilege to hold some of these stories,some will never see the light of day others need to be told. Stories of abuse, injustice, hopelessness and loss, others have stories of triumph and overcoming against the odds.  All I want to say is don’t be surprised if you are challenged and blown away if you stop and listen enough  to some stories.  Not everyone is a virtuoso piano player but everyone has a story.

Love and peace to all



2 responses to “So what do we know?

  1. joannebyrd647

    I agree with you. I am in a community online called Invisible Disabilities. I am disabled myself as you know. Thank you for the post, I enjoyed reading it.


  2. You are welcome, thanks for your comment..

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