The Fatman Must Go

Yesterday I uploaded my very first ebook, a collection of posts from my blog with a few poems.  I sent off my legal deposit  of  to the National Library of New Zealand and uploaded my ebook on Amazon.  FatmanbookI am now a published author, it has been a long time coming and it is not as I thought it might be with my anthology of poetry however as I have said in the past the road to mediocrity is paved with unpublished  manuscripts, well there is one less paving stone in that road today.  I am excited as well as thankful. there are a number of people who have helped me on my journey, you know who you are mainly and probably some who don”t know they helped but it has not been a solitary journey.  It is an unfinished journey as I venture back into the territory again, following my passion.

I will leave my blog here for the today and write more about the experience in my next post.

For now, live, laugh love and follow your passion,



One response to “The Fatman Must Go

  1. Well done Paul – keep on keeping on pal!


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