My Son Josh

I am a blessed man, I have a number of young people in my life, some of them are my sons and daughters by birth, others related by blood, others are people that have come into my life, I share a common denominator with them all, simply put I love them all.  A little way back one of them, my Son Joshua  celebrated his 21st birthday.  We gathered as a family, not quite complete but it was a houseful.  We gathered to celebrate his life.

Joshua is a fine young man, he is tall, intelligent, compassionate and the girls tell me he is fine!I know when he has been working promoting a product he is quite a draw card.  the intelligence and compassion I will lay claim to as genetics from my side, his good looks and height come from his mother.  Josh can be an intense young man, he can conduct  conversation ranging from the physics of traffic jams to choice in homelessness.

Josh has had some challenges in his life, some of those were because of choices, I made, for that I am regretful, it is a reminder to us all as adults that our choices in life can affect so much more than just us who make them.  Josh has risen to meet these challenges, it has not been easy at times but he has persevered and risen to meet them.  He brings an easy going calmness to most situations, even when on the inside there has been a lot of turmoil going on.  As a leader at Totara Springs Christian Centre, children’s camps, he was a valued and much liked leader.  Kids adore him, he has a wonderful sense of theatre, with a repertoire ranging from interpretive dance to kung-fu fighting.

Josh has the ability to scare the living daylights out of me, his sport of choice involves lots of climbing,jumping, and extra-ordinary balance it is called Parkour.  One of the philosophies of the sport and part of its discipline is to choose to regularly face fears and work together to overcome obstacles in our lives it builds respect for our environment and the desire to help others find their own paths to freedom a great philosophy to have.

My son does not have a lot of possessions, in fact possessions don’t figure much in his life nor does money, but if you measure his wealth by the friends he has then he is a wealthy man.  Josh has the most extra-ordinary friends in his life, a finer bunch of young men I have yet to encounter, friendly, generous and intelligent to a man. I am grateful to them , Josh in turn is a great friend, we often had late night early morning visits from people in Joshua’s life who were in difficulty.  He was generous and compassionate in trying to help meet their needs.

Joshua’s sense of humour is fantastic, (ask his sister about his April fools escapades).  He knows how to enjoy life to the full. I am so blessed to have him in my life as a son, and even more as a friend, I love him dearly.  he will be embarrassed by this blog, but well that is part of a dads job to live long enough to be am embarrassment, I look forward to our ongoing relationship and to seeing how he lives his life.  I am a contented man, whose life is enriched by all of my children.  As they grow older they individuate, grow and get busy.  I am aware of that as my family in one sense gets smaller and in another has enlarged.  I don’t get to see Josh a whole lot at the moment but always enjoy it when I do.  Most recently I had a short spell in hospital, he popped in to support me, and support it was, between him and my fiance it was like a comedy duo on tap.  I am still  being ribbed by reminders of what I said that night.

All of my children are very different, I celebrate the times I get to spend with him, and celebrate life with Josh when I get the chance,

Live well Joshua,

Love you, Dad. (The old man aka Cronny Senior)


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