Be careful with matches

MatchI learnt early in life about the power of a match.  I saw the result of my brother setting some curtains on fire, I remember the excitement as our coal range exploded into flames from the result of a pan left in the oven as I heated it up for mum to cook dinner on.  I recall the ringing in my ear of the fire cracker that went off in my hand, one that I had lit, seen the devastation of house fires and shared the grief at the loss of children through fire.

Matches are like words, a single word can start a fire just like a match, that word can be as disastrous as a fire that burns, consumes destroys, or as wonderful as a fire that warms, comforts, provides and we can wonder at.  I have experienced matches for good and bad, and I have experienced  words the same, words that bring desolation, denigration, mendacious miserable, marauding words, that bring destruction and death, and I have experience words of wonder, life, love and laughter. Sometimes lighting a match is like answering a question, it could be disastrous or delightful.  I lit a match this weekend.

Those of you who follow me on facebook will have followed the last 5 years some with laughter, some with trepidation,sadness and worry. I took a different direction this year, grew up as it were, made some changes in my life and put my own advice into action.  I met someone new and we have developed and awesome friendship that then blossomed as it were into love.  On the weekend I lit a match, I asked a question, I asked Margaret to marry me.  An act of faith and to be honest fear.  I did it in full knowledge that I was going to get an answer, it may have been one I didn’t want but it was a question that was burning  inside of me.

rosesThe answer was yes, I am still excited and believe that I will continue to be excited as I begin a new part of the journey that we had already begun.  I am content, my cup runneth over.  I am reminded of another post that I wrote about my fear of being mediocre.  One of the drivers of mediocrity in my opinion is being too satisfied  and not being reflective, not challenging yourself and stunting your own personal growth.  I am committed to the concept of being a life long learner, I look forward to a life long partnership with my soulmate and best friend, I pray that I never take it for granted and that mediocrity continues to be far away from my life and our relationship.  I am so blessed.

Striking a match is an intentional action however, and I needed to be deliberate I needed to decide what I wanted and pursue it with intentionality and passion, a key requirement to achieve anything in life.  If it is worth having then it is worth pursuing. So go ahead light that match, you just never know…

Live, laugh and love abundantly and give thanks for all that is good,



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  1. Congratulations! A brave and exciting new future awaits 🙂

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