My blog has gone crazy

The hit rate has gone through the roof this month.  I have already had more reads this month than any other month.  I am not sure why, perhaps it is that time of the year, my posts about weight loss have been popular but so has all sorts of random stuff.  I haven’t  written much this month.  Before I get lazy I decided to write.

I have had a few health challenges this last year, a long lasting sinus infection, glandular fever, and it seems like a myriad of injuries.  I thank God I am not a horse as I would have been shot a long time ago.  I was travelling 200 plus kms 5 days per week to get to work, three hours out of my day.  I have been feeling like a bit of a fraud with my weight  loss blogs being very popular and over the last two and a bit years I have slowly and incrementally been gaining weight, to be precise 17 beep beep #!*## kilograms.  I am gutted.

I could make lots of excuses, stress, injuries, money  take your pick I have written about them. but they are just excuses, so if I want to be a consistent and truthful then I can say only one thing calories in, versus calories out,  My calories in have been in the black for far too long.  I am possibly going to have surgery in the next few months, that is of course another story, however I know that I will recover from surgery much better if I have a good level of fitness!   Secondary to that is I know how I feel when I am a lot lighter.  I have more energy, zest in my life, I feel better about myself and it is better for my health.

Clothes hunting has been the final persuader, not quite back to where I was years ago but it is creeping up on me.  So what to do, well easy really, either decrease calories or increase output or both.  Not a lot I can do about the things I cannot change.  Life as a single parent carries it’s own stresses, that can’t and will not change.  Financially I will still have to be careful, , no permanent work and unlikely to be this stage, I have no idea of when I will be fit enough to think about it again.  So I am back on my bike.

I enjoy cycling it gives me a good work out relatively easy on my body, although yesterday I had a wee accident took quite a bit of bark off my knee and has left me rather stiff and sore.  I am pleased that although i have been off my bike since late September I have quickly got back into the saddle.  I am clocking 20 kms easy enough made 44 kms yesterday in a good time even after I fell off, so te exercise will be ok, it is the eating next, that is about choices and portion control and that involves letting things go and moving on.  I am doing that I am not sure where my journey will lead me but it is a journey worth taking.  In the end if I don’t I will stay stuck where I am and that is not an option for me.

Any journey involves risks, more so when it involves affairs of the heart and mind.  it is in the heart and mind where the battles of life are fought and won and weight loss and fitness are no exceptions.  I stopped weighing myself, you see the scales were my truth teller, They are honest and don’t gild any lilies.  No flattery, no soothing words just the bare facts.  So back to the routine, get up, shower and weigh myself. I know the experts say don’t do it every day but if  I make it a habit then it is an encouragement for me and a reminder of what my mission is.  It keeps me honest and on target.

Well I guess I need to sign off here,



One response to “My blog has gone crazy

  1. Your plans sound good. Its going to be a great “losing weight” year.
    I lost 70 pounds with Gods help , no diets, pills, or surgery, rand Im 62, so it can be done.


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