1982 A long time ago

1982 they say,

a long time ago,

well you must be better now.

It gets easier with time,

Like white lilies these words,

Sibilant, slicing, searing words.

No healing they bring.

Found at funerals and grave sides,

Chin up, put a smile on your face,

have to be brave for the others you see,

How are you they say through gritted teeth

hoping  you wont tell the truth,

God knows, we know, no body wants the truth

Inside you see torn in two,

think about you every day,

see you there in life and then,

the awful blackness descends.

No not the truth they want.

Just white lies, like whit lilies.

Is she ok they whisper.

What;s that she’s cutting out?

Poems, bloody poems!

Bloody poems for what? He;s gone!

Just let him go she needs to know.

Someone should tell her.

Time to get on with her life

Time to think of the others.

Someone should tell them to mind their own business,

They should hug until you don’t need it any more,

if that means never stopping that’s ok.

Find some words, bring a poem, a flower

Buy them coffee, chocolate

and for the love of humanity

Listen to their stories

Tell you that you are completely normal

Grief is normal, loss is devastating

Even though they are gone

you will hear them laugh

feel their presence,

look for them to come through the door

wait for the phone to ring.

You will be ok,

not because you will get better,

but because you are ok.

Just grieving for a loved one.

Yes a long time ago but that’s ok,

completely normal, 1982


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