A spring poem

Redemption Songs

The sun shining brilliantly,
on the grass.
Rays bounce off the remnants of the dew,
glistening like a carpet of diamonds.
Redemption’s song.
The sky so blue,
It hurts to look at.
The flush of green,
emerging on the trees,
beginning to re-clothe their nakedness.
Redemption’s song
Sweet choruses fill the air.
As birds set loose from the harsh shackles of winter,
sing their song.
They celebrate with rambunctious fecundity ,
Redemption’s song.
The warmth of the spring rain, renewing and cleansing,
brushing away the debris of the storm.
The first blossom peeping out of its cloak of gray,
Daffodil and earli cheer
Redemption’s song
Children play in the street,
their early evensong, speaks of the promise of summer.
They shout joyously and
play their games with unbridled  vitality.
Untroubled by the dankness of winter.

Redemption’s Song
These are the lessons of life.
Live, love, be.
Celebrate and give thanks.
Dwell not in the winter of discontent and hurt
Redemption’s song.


One response to “A spring poem

  1. beautiful!!!!


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