I am a Writer?

That’s what the facebook test said, well a writer writes I guess.  Tonight I am too tired to write, i have a post about 1/3 finished but here is what I give you tonight, one of my poems that i wrote a while ago that I like a lot, (AM I allowed to like my own poems).  Who cares I do and if you do as well then hey its a bonus, if you don’t then… it’s ok as well!


Words falling

from my mind,

from my heart,

from my fingers.

Sometimes slamming onto my slate,

searing their mark,

with clouds of smoke and

streams of sparks,

tiny meteors,

sending shockwaves of surprise,

coursing through the synapses of my mind.

Messages formed by life, love and wonder.

Wonder at the beauty I see,

wonder at the pain I feel,

wonder at the things I know,

wonder at that which is mystery,

in my life.

Words of danger, denigration, desire,

derision, despair, deprecation.

Falling from my mind,

confined, by doubt,

set free on a page.

Words falling from my fingers,

Fluttering, flying and fleeing,

From my quotidian life,

Refugees from mediocrity.

Finding safety as they land,

Never reaching the edge,

Never quite finishing their fall,

ready to rise again,

stirred by the wind of hope,

blowing through the corridors of my mind.

Given wings of

life, love and wonder

Words falling from my mind.


2 responses to “I am a Writer?

  1. love it…


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