Purple Rain

Oh Misery Oh Misery

Rain falling in my heart,

cold, dark, dismal rain.

Soaking through the bindings,

that tied it back together.

A quiet despair, that pervades and infiltrates every nook and cranny.

No hiding from this rain, no place to run or flee.

Sapping the warmth from my heart and reaching into my soul,

this rain. Every where I turn there you are.

What is your name?

Rain falling on my heart, not the rain of spring and life,

no, not the warm gentle summer rain, not the rain of prayers and hope,

not black or grey, not hail or sleet but as cold as charity.

Purple rain falling on me, washing over me drowning my soul.

With you purple rain you have your amigos,

desolation hopelessness, mediocrity, failure.

All along for the ride, come and see what fun we can have.

There it is laid out on the bare hard ground, spilling its life blood,

quickly now while its down, slash a little more, see if the beating will stop.

Teach it a lesson, reckless, forgiving, and hopeful, we can fix that.

Have another dose of reality, have a look at your foolishness, see them

all standing around, “I told you so”, wont you learn?  Why do you bother?

A chorus of disdain and shrill laughter,

shrieking like a polar blast, uprooting and destroying.

Is there any fight in you?

Will you get up again?

Go another round?

Or is that the towel I see thrown in,

bloodied and torn, rent asunder.

Just a useless piece of dirtied rag, fit only to be discarded,

burnt, destroyed turned into ashes.

Oh love you whore, your irresistible siren heart has shown your nature true.

No redemption in you for the shallow man.

What destruction have you unleashed this time,

with your flood of purple rain?

What will be left behind if you ever recede.

Anything worth keeping?

© Paul Cronin 2012


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