Coiled like a spring you emerge,

just visible above your sisters.

Coil on coil, spiral on spiral.

Embryonic, prehistoric

ancient and wise.

You rest for just a moment,

 biding your time,

waiting and watching,

and then…

You begin.

As if testing the waters of life,

you open your self,

spiral upon spiral,

leaf upon leaf.

Each the same and yet different.

One supporting the other,

perfect harmony and order.

Reaching out and reaching in,

touching and caressing,

like words falling softly.

Ancient wisdom at your centre.

Always the same and yet each frond different.

New narratives unfurling with soft whispers,

Strength and softness,

 constancy and change.

Imagination here, tenderness there.

 Opportunity and hope.

Glorious hope.

Dancing in the dew,

your message draws itself

as if painted on the morning.

New beginnings and old endings.


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