John Banks Resigns

So we got the news on Sunday that John Banks was resigning from Parliament after the guilty verdict  Now I absolutely detest most of the Act Parties policies, and personally I probably wouldn’t invite John Banks to the opening of an envelope, although it sounds like he opened a few envelopes.  Two elections ago I bought some ridiculously cheap red wine.  $3.98 per bottle, it was a spanish red, four buck chuck I called it.  I bought it in eager anticipation of Act( or as I called them back then the association of Charlatans and tax avoiders) facing political annihilation.

I thought that they would not make it back into Parliament however the ever obliging sheep of Epsom conspired against me.  Well I drank  the wine and it was rather good I thought so I went back to stock up on some more except to find there had been a price mistake, it was supposed to be 39.98 per bottle!  So I had been sold something under false pretenses, cheap and nasty was in fact a rather well made wine that for the first time gave me insight into what tasters raved about, capsicums and plums and cinnamon , (I forget really but certainly capsicum and plum).  So began my appreciation of wine.  However with Act propping up the corpse of the National Government we got something that had been represented as a fine champagne that was in fact Marque Vue, or for those readers a little older Cold Duck, horrible plonk, an opiate for the masses.

So you would think that given my allergy to Act and even worse the contempt that I held for the turncoat John Banks that I would be celebrating his demise.  The ignominy of Kim Dotcoms testimony being more reliable than John Bank’s word…. oh my lord.  I remember a friend when the National led Government got in commenting how it was nice to have some morality in power again, unfortunately she like a large number of evangelical christians confuse themselves with the thinking that neo liberal politics is Christian and moral, well another time to disabuse them of that position. John Banks presented himself as a moral man.  he threatened in 1996  to out abortionists he said ” I am compiling a list of all the doctors in all the hospitals up and down the country that commit these murders every morning of the week and dump these babies either in the waste disposal unit in the hospital or into a ‘kleensac’ and I am going to release their names publicly so that you’ll be able to walk down the street “That’s a killer!” “That one who lives in that house. He’s another murderer!” “She kills babies before they are born!”  Now don’t make the assumption that I agree with abortion at all, it saddens me.  I rather would like to deal with the social and economic drivers that encourage abortion and I would  never presume to point the finger at someone else as I well know that I am simply put a sinner as well and I will not cast stones at at others, enough of the theology for tonight that in itself is another blog, But I do not celebrate his resignation

.The Guilty verdict is worth celebrating simply for the fact that it shows the rule of law applies in this country, That John banks engaged in decietful behaviour should have been no surprise, his behaviour with the Hone episode in his talk back show and his indulgence in gutter politics, name calling and discriminatory behaviour did not add up to a my idea of what i would call moral behaviour

From calling Michael cullen a “poofter” through to dodgy business dealings with possible conflicts of interest John Banks like many MPS in my opinion was not fit to be a leader. But even that aside I still do not celebrate his demise.  I am saddened.I am saddened deeply that he ever made it back into politics, that enough voters were willing to turn a blind eye to his homophobic, misogynistic, ranting, masquerading as morality. That John Banks was ever in a position to court the favour of the public and extract sums of money from them and to  have undue influence beyond his rightful sphere is an indictment and shows how fundamentally sick our society is

.He raved about dole bludgers and criminals and set an absolute sterling example of how to live your life, no celebration here just a dull ache and an overwhelming sadness that he will probably be replaced by man never walked on the moon, Colin Craig.  It goes to show what wicked people we are because we get the government that we deserve.

You see it is a fundamental issue of trust that is at the heart of this matter,  Trust is an issue that I have been struggling with over the past few months.  I cam face to face with my trust issues at a funeral last week.  I came into contact with a man whom had breached my trust in a massive way, I used to call him a best friend and I am disgusted with myself how even after he breached  my trust  that I still kept his company.  Not a matter of forgiveness because he has never apologised, and I under a mistaken burden of false guilt apologised to him.  As I approached him I shook his hand and I caught myself, extending friendship to a man who betrayed me and undoubtedly has betrayed others in the same way.  I don’t despise him or even hate him for he is a fallible man like every other person on this earth, but I learnt that if you cannot trust someone in the small things you certainly cannot trust them in the big things.  John Banks  showed this and so have many others across the political spectrum, it is certainly not the preserve of the right in politics, but unfortunately it seems to be more prevalent in those who claim some god given moral legitimacy.

Anyway that is enough for today, it is a lead into my nest blog about honesty and my experiences of it that are surging in my mind.  The last thing that I will say on John Banks is merely this, he could have retained some respect in this matter if he had simply put his hand up and said mea culpa, I did it, it was wrong, he would have earned my admiration and grudging respect for as I say it is not so much that which we do that makes us it is about how we make it right and take responsibility.

If I had any advice for you John Banks it would be to say sorry.



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