Die Here kom gou terug, The Lord is coming soon?


Sieg Heil, Sieg Sieg. Loosely translated it means we will win orHail Victory.It is on my pet hate list.  Here in New Zealand it has been adopted as a gang slogan  by one of our more notorious groups, I will not name them as I refuse to give them any publicity.  What is getting to me is the parroting of this chant by school children.  It is offensive on so many fronts; the worse part of it all is that they invariably do not know what it means

 I hear it on a daily basis and I confront it.  Millions of people gave their lives so these children did not have to have the enslavement of Nazism forced upon them.  When you question the young people they say well it is just a saying   and therein lies a large part of the problem. As I have written in the past bullying is a family issue so is racism, family violence crime and many of society’s ills.  That is the behaviors that we see in schools are often (not always) mirrored in the home.

So whilst I wanted to discuss the usage of such terminology it fits into the larger picture well.  A good friend of mine said to me the other day that the Lord is on the doorstep in Afrikaans it is die Here kom gou terug.  Now on the matter of the return of Christ I am firmly in the pan millennium court.  That is I believe it will pan out in the end.  Since the death of Christ people have been saying he is returning soon.  Now we can talk about the signs all we like but it is written simply in Matthew 24:36 no man knows the hour or day.

We can point to the signs and I know that each generation believes that things are worse, there may be some truth in that but the truth of the matter is that we need to live our lives with passion and that means one eye on the future but being firmly planted in the here and now.

I heard a phrase the other day, it was from a discussion where the author of a book about Brian Tamaki was having with a presenter on the National programme.  (Brian Tamaki is a whole other discussion).  The essence of the discussion however ws the point that was made about a moral vacuum and people being caught up in a society that is characterised by rudderless secularism.  It is this that I think is at the heart of many of the issues that we are having in our schools today.  In many homes there is no moral compass any more. 

Our young people bully because they see it and they are not held to account for their behaviour, they slavishly ape stupid slogans such as Sieg Heil, they call the Police pigs, they resent authority and being told what to do at school, they are often so firmly focused on beating the teacher using their phones sneakily instead of engaging with their work, and when they are behind they complain that the teacher did not teach them that or it is too hard.

Nothing particularly new there, but then there are the good kids.  These kids mostly have a \moral compass of some sort or another, not always one I would agree with but they have direction in their lives and something to measure themselves and their behaviour against.  Now before anyone gets upset (probably too late) I have to say this, we can raise our children well but in the end they still have to make their own decisions.  I am blessed that my kids often make the right decisions. But they will make choices that I do not agree with.  They will do dumb things for sure but far less often than those who live with rudderless secularism.  S naughty kids doesn’t mean bad parents.

But that is a subject for another blog.

In the meantime I hope I have raised your interest, intrigued you made you think perhaps even enraged you.  As long as I have reached you.

Living my life with passion and honesty



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