Thanks Everybody

This week I made a milestone.  I clocked 2,000 views of my blog!  It is quite humbling really and sobering at the same time.  When I first set out to blog I had no idea where it may go and to be frank I still don’t suffice to say this, I love writing and I hope that my passion for this shows through in my blogs.  Passion is an interesting thing and I am learning about a few passions that I have in life.  I am learning to ask the hard questions of myself as it it not unless one asks a question that one gets an answer.  

If you told me three years ago that I would contemplate publishing a book of poetry I would have laughed at you.  Here I am ready to go to the printers with a book of poetry.  Not only that I have a belief that I can write and I am told that others enjoy it as well. Some say even that I have talent.  That is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with.  Accepting that I might be good at something, in fact anything.  For as long as I can remember I have always over compensated for my own perceived faults or lack of talent, this was manifested in many ways, some I won’t share as I am embarrassed even now as I think about them and some of those incidents were well over 30 years ago.  

Even now I catch myself on occasion being caught up in old behaviours.  The benefits of the changes I have made in my life is that I have learnt to be reflective and to be truthful to myself.  Without being truthful to yourself you can’t be truthful to others!  This week i found another truth out about myself, something that I knew really all along however I need to just put it out there.  I am still sensitive to being bullied,  I watched this you tube clip and it triggered some old memories for me. I can spot a bully from a long way away and frankly I have had enough.  Now there are instances particularly with institutional bullying that fighting it or confronting it just causes me to expend too much energy, but  when I see young people bullying others or adults or who ever then I will attempt to do something about it.  I will hold them accountable for their actions, there is far too little accountability in our world and frankly we are creating a society that is just sickening, where a culture of blame shifting and a lack of responsibility is rife.  No section of society is free from it.  In parliament, or the streets it is there. 

Now how do we change that? Well personal response is a great place to start.  Not ignoring it when it occurs is another pathway.  Now I am am not sure really how this to turned into another didactic lecture about bullying as it started out as a celebration of a milestone but there it is, it must be an important narrative in my life.

My book is an important narrative in my life as well and I ask if you don’t mind to have a look here at this If you feel like you could be a part of my dream then please go ahead.  Regardless of the outcome of my fundraising I will publish my book.  This would just help it be a bit quicker and a slightly shorter print run.

Well once again thanks for reading my posts and remember to live, laugh and love with passion!



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  1. Love your stuff. Keep going strong!


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