Badges of Class?

Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BMW, Porsche, what do these things have in common?  Gucci, Prada, Pierre Cardin, are similar terms, yes they are marques or designer brands but, in the context of my previous posts about badges they are in my opinion just examples of badges.  Driving or wearing these items is in many ways similar to the actions of the swaggering young man who staggers down the street with his baggy jeans sagging around his hips with his boxers exposed and his salivating, snapping, terrier straining at the leash.  They all say look at me, I belong, I have it made.  Now before the howls of defence wail in the distance I need to say a couple of things.  I have driven a luxury car.  I drove for about an hour, what an awesome machine, you could lose your licence in every gear I loved it.  Would I buy one? Probably not it just seemed obscene to spend that kind of money on a car.  Do I understand people who might buy one? Well yes, but it is still a badge.

On the day I drove the car I had to kill some time, I pulled into a service centre to buy a cup of coffee and I couldn’t help myself I gave the throttle a good blip and the throaty roar that was emitted had a magical effect, heads snapped around like they were on rubber bands.  I could see people looking at me as I emerged from the car and could almost feel the envy in the air.  I walked past the first person who said nice car and the person said nice car.  I had my own little swagger on and the temptation was to say thanks mate it’s not bad however I said yes real nice to drive but it is not mine, the reply was how the other half lives eh!  I nodded my head and walked on, internally conflicted between the thrall of looking like I had arrived but secure in the knowledge that badges do not and can not define who I am.

I had my coffee that day at McDonalds not the fancy café I pulled up at, why well it just suited me I had a loyalty card and I was due for a free coffee.   Don’t get me wrong I am not some holier than thou, tree hugging hippy, (although sometimes even this kind of a badge is appealing) I enjoy a touch of luxury.   I started my day with a trim flat white, home made but I could have had instant!  I enjoy a touch of luxury every now and then but I know something for certain.  Whilst I may desire to belong to a certain group of people I know that this will not bring me any completion.  It matters not whether the name of my glasses says Jeff Banks, or Gucci to me, they looked good on me (or made me look good) whatever that means.

Over this brief period of blogs, I really have hardly touched the surface around blogging.  I have written with an intent, not to point the finger because whenever one points the finger it always has 3 pointing back at themselves.  I will write one more blog in this series about badging before I move on to a different subject.

I conclude now with the advice here.  It is Saturday in New Zealand the end of my working week.  I intend to be intentional this weekend in enjoying what I have, and try not to be introspective about that which I do not have.  I hope you are able to as well.

Ciao Paul


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