Creating memories

Today is Waitangi Day in New Zealand.  It is often a day on which our differences make the news with conflict shown on television.  It is a day where we should celebrate out nationhood and the partnership that is set out in the Treaty of Waitangi.  IMG_0360Today I took two of my children and a friend to the beach to celebrate life her in New Zealand.  We are in the middle of an intense summer with an extremely hot and dry January and it looks like February is shaping up for more of the same. 
Today we walked around Mount Maunganui  ( Mauao) a pleasant 45 minute walk, a few ups and downs but punctuated by stunning scenery. 

We then went for a swim at the beach.  The thing that struck me today was how wonderful it was to see families taking the opportunity of a midweek day off (and fantastic weather to spend some time together. It was  great exercise and I enjoyed the time that I spent with the crew.  We didn’t spend a lot, had a home made picnic for lunch pretty simple fun really.

I remarked to my friend that we needed to take time to make memories happen.  I remember a friend saying once to me that he doubted that anyone lying on their death bed wished that they had spent more time at work.  Memories take time and effort to create and the bad ones are easier to create than good ones it seems however if we take the opportunity to be intentional and relational with those who mean a lot to us then the half the job is already done.

One of the things that I have learnt over the last three decades in my work with children and young people is how resilient they are.  How new memories can be created and how old hurts can be eased.  This does not occur living a grey and mediocre life.  Today probably cost about $40.00 not a lot in many people’s terms but on a low income a reasonably substantial amount.  I was fortunate to share that cost with a friend but if I had not been able to I still would have spent the cash.  We don’t know what the morrow brings us and whilst I counsel that we should be wise in how we spend there are some times that we should just do it anyway.

So I will leave it there today, with the hope that you too can live, love and laugh as I did today.

Ciao Paul




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