Chase Your Dreams

This is a story about a couple of people that I know who have chased their dreams.  My sister and her partner decided that they wanted to buy some land and grow lavender with the intention of developing associated businesses.  I remember seeing the positive affirmations going on the fridge.  They had an extensive wish list for the property which at times to me seemed to be over ambitious, in truth the whole plan seemed over ambitious, I know the reason it seemed like that to me, it simply was not my dream .

Well for Trish and Malcolm their visualisation did not end on the fridge door, like anything that is worth having they took practical steps to get to where they wanted to get.  They did a lot of research into what they needed, they decided on the locality and knew the soil types that they wanted.  They also wanted a place that could be a haven for friends and family. So they had a wish list and an action plan.

Then they set out to find the property, they looked at a lot of properties many of them ticked a lot of their boxes but they did not meet all of their criteria and they passed on these.  They refused to be swayed and they put their property on the market.  Property sales were down in fact the whole economy was in turmoil however they persevered and kept the goal in mind. After many unsuccessful viewings they finally found a property.

Their own property had not sold and they signed a conditional agreement based on the sale of their own home.  This was not straightforward however they carried on and when the contract fell over they still believed.  They had the support of the vendors of the property that they wanted to buy Photos from new camera 136and kept them updated, eventually it came to fruition and the purchases went ahead. Leesfield became a reality. Well that reality came to fruition with the first crop of lavender oil being pressed yesterday, baby steps however turning the dream into a reality is often like that.  It has not been an easy road with lots of hard work and worry and I am sure more hard work to come however theses are key ingredients for anything worth having.  They focused on what they could do and eventually it all came together.

This post has two reasons really, I want to acknowledge the dedication and work that my sister and brother in law have done.  The second goal is to remind myself that anything worth having takes hard work and dedication.  I have gritted my teeth as I am attempting to do my final edit of my poetry anthology.  I could send it to the printers as is but am determined not to compromise on quality.  As a single parent time to spend on ones own is a valuable commodity and I have had little of that recently.  With the violent death of my friend Robyn I have found it hard to concentrate and had lost a lot of zeal however I have determined not to be overcome by what I cannot do but to concentrate on that which I can.  My edit is slow right now but I am chipping it off and summer vacation is over for the children so I will have more time.

So to my dear sister Trish and brother in law Malcolm congratulations on your first press, may there be many more like it.

Live, laugh, love and dream!

Ciao Paul


One response to “Chase Your Dreams

  1. Paul, your words moved me to tears! Thank you for your dedication. Yes, it has been a long road, and yes, there have been some doubts along the way, as well as many curveballs…as you well know, but with loving support of my beloved husband, and some of my family… dreams can come true with perseverance. You and your story inspires me too – determination to complete your studies… having custody of the children, striking out on your own… weight loss, …. complete lifestyle change… writing a book….These are all those steps towards your dream too! Love you litle brother!!


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