I saw Death

I saw death

I saw death go gliding by.

Dressed in gleaming, glistening polished carmine robes,

sparkling, shining, splendour. It was him alright

face set towards the sun,

such a beautiful day.

I saw death go gliding by,

his diremption and pain

hidden not by his glorious coat tails.

His screaming taunts not masked

by gentle rumble,

Such finery we accord,

Respect, dignity, homage we pay

to death.

Born of just what I do not know

No weeping hordes,

angry mobs,

bloody shrouds,

Shouts of pain, no keening.

Restrained  blacks, blues ,maroons and white lilies,

mendacious miserable and mocking,  white lilies

white lies one after the other

on their polished plinths.


Whispering, wet, weak platitudes

Serve only to punctuate the sibilance of silence,

suffocating, sloughing, slaying silence

slicing through the falseness,  

the embarrassed shuffles, half hugs, wet handshakes,

the false bonhomie, there there, just arrows to a wounded heart

All is done ,neat and tidy

Platitudes, pretense and pretenders all gone

Nothing left but the silence.

As I watch death go gliding by.


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