Baby Steps Million for a Million

I was thinking about  the Million for a Million campaign that my employer Annah Stretton has created.  I just looked up the  page and I see there has been a fair amount of activity Image.  Such a huge project however has its challenges.  These are not insurmountable and there is only one way of dealing with them and that is really baby steps, one challenge at a time.   My journey is well chronicled, hit a few road humps in the last couple of months however I hit the switch last week and reignited it.

My goal is to have some aerobic exercise every day as well as a serious work out at the gym min 3 times a week!.  With my current parenting position that largely means it has to happen in school hours.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  I was sitting around darkly thinking that I had not got my exercise in for the day and realised that my lawns needed mowing.  Fantastic here was an opportunity to burn some cals, 50 minutes later my rather large lawn is trimmed and I am pleasantly exercised.  I didn’t think about what I couldn’t do I thought about what I could do.

Weight loss and exercise is about that, it is about being deliberate, asIi walked to the gym today I could have shaved 150 meters off my path by taking a short cut.  ( I could have taken the car).  excuse the shouting here.  THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS OR MIRACLES IN LOSING WEIGHT.  No miracle diets, no supplements, drugs or surgery that by themselves will deliver the miracle.   Sounds like a subject for another blog , but if it is boring then I apologise for 99.99 percent of people. obesity is about eating more calories than you burn.  There are many reasons why people do it but the key to it all is very simple.  There can be short term gains from these things but long term it is about a healthy mind and a healthy body

I have shared before about the obesity epidemic we have here in New Zealand!  I have recently qualified as a secondary teacher (one of my key goals this year)  and as I have been around schools I have taken note of the rate of obesity and frankly it scared the living daylight out of me.   One the contributors to this I am sure is the cheapness of soft drinks in New Zealand or Soda for my US friends.  Our children are turning up drinking a 1.25 lite bottle of drink (sometimes munching on a meat pie as well) and that is breakfast.   Putting that in plain terms that is around 36 teaspoons of sugar with a golf ball of fat and a little bit of protein for breakfast.  Well that is just absolutely ridiculous, more on that another day.  I am just a bit steamed about that to say any more right now.

I want to encourage you out there not to look at the end picture.  If you had said to me two years ago you have to lose 50 plus kilos I would have just said ……. well rude words probably and laughed you off.  I started with a goal of losing 5 kgs, after I achieved that I set milestone goals.  I am on my biggest challenge yet.  I meet a lot of people who comment on my weight loss, they will say if they are obese oh it is too hard for me or I can do it when I decide, I am not ready yet all excuses I have heard before, that is the beauty of Million for a Million, it is a commitment to just one kilo!  Not hard but enough to start thinking about weight loss, about health, about life in general.  We need to be thinking about the food we are eating as well as how much we eat.  As to me I am going to continue on my journey.  My steps are a bit bigger than baby steps at the moment but they were tiny ones at the start.  More about sugar next blog.

Till then one kilo is all it takes to make a start, to make a difference, to even make a new you!



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