Flicking the switch

As promised here it is another blog about weight loss and fitness. Last week I flicked the switch.  I could see a slowly increasing weight week by week, I was aware that I had been eating more as the end of my course was arriving, stress, change and deadlines manifested themselves in a lack of exercise and self control.

Last week I bit the bullet, handed over my months subscription to the gym and did it.  I have talked about the healthy mind, healthy body thing in the past and I will say it again, they are symbiotic, you can’t have one without the other!    Whilst I don’t yet have my little piece of paper to make it official I know that I have passed.  I am a qualified teacher, (parents be afraid, be very afraid) .    Whilst in some ways this is an arrival it is also a departure but more of that on another blog.

Lets talk about the gym, first of all to sustain any weight loss it takes discipline and routine.  You need to be committed to a minimum of three periods of sustained exercise three times per week.  Let me tell you if it isn’t hurting you aren’t doing it right.  Not during the exercise (although that may well do so) but afterwards,  You should feel the muscle groups telling you hey what the …. was that you just did to me.   Now not everyone needs to join a gym nor can afford to  (I can’t afford not to). Exercise is as simple as going for a walk, not a leisurely stroll, if you can walk and talk without any trouble you are not going fast enough.  Cycling is great exercise as well.  Weight loss is no great secret it is really about making sure that there are more calories going out than there are going in..   Well how do you know that, Well   you can look it up on the web I guess.  I don’t count the total calories I consume in a day  I do look at what I am buying to eat and drink.  As strange as it may seem one of the organisations that have made a significant change in what I eat and drink is Wendy’s.  At Wendy’s http://www.wendys.com/food/NutritionLanding.jsp  Imagethey have complete calorific information on everything they sell.  I was there with a friend and picked up the menu turned it over and had a look.  Just as well I was sitting down I saw how many calories there were in soft drink.  I had heard all the discussions about it before but had not confronted the harsh reality.   1.5 litres of coke has 39 teaspoons of sugar in it, a 600 ml bottle over 15 teaspoons of sugar.  No wonder we have an obesisty epidemic.  1.5 ltr bottles of coke are a top seller in New Zealand supermarkets  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/1753420/Kiwis-hooked-on-unhealthy-food.  If anyone does not think we have a problem with the food and drink we consume have a look at this!  Well since that time I can count on one hand the cans  and bottles of coke that I have consumed.  I am not anti coke in fact I really enjoy Coke Zero,Image but these days if I have a glass of ordinary coke the cloying sweetness is not nice.  Well where was I.  Oh that’s right turning on the switch.  Going to the gym is the re ignition of my fat burning.  I am having to push through the urge to consume carbs at the end of a session, (drink water eat an apple have a coffee), but that will not last for long.  I am sure that a nutritionist would be able to offer me some great advice but for now I am just doing it cold turky.  I know I can do it so it is not a problem.  Turning on a switch is a great analogy really as it is incremental small changes that will make the big differences!  So why not have a think about it, be inspired, if I can do it any one can I promise you!



3 responses to “Flicking the switch

  1. One of these days I am actually measure out the amount of sugar in a regular “pop” and put it in a Ziploc and keep it with me for when the kids nag me about wanting one. 🙂


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