With Thanks to Will

If all the world is indeed a stage

and Men and Women are players

then is life a game?

Oh if that were only so

and we could start afresh everyday

with no change to the stakes.

No hurt no scars no regrets

Such life Utopic and yet myopic

No pain is no gain.

Without anything to gain

what is there to strive for,

Why breathe at all.

No scars means no adventures,

No close scrapes,

moments of madness,

exhilarating sighs of relief.

No thankfulness nor fear.

No regrets means nothing ventured,

No extraordinary life.

Fishing with a line that

has no hook is not fishing at all.

What are the questions in our lives

The things that need answers.

Where do we find these and whence the answers,

In the mirror we see, our eyes a pathway to truth

No reproach no sadness no regrets

A life worth living.


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