Healthy Mind Healthy Body

As I mused on my  Million  for a Million blog of the things that came to my mind is that it may seem incongruous or even perhaps counter intuitive that a fashion designer is concerned about healthy lifestyles.  One of the criticisms that are often levelled at the fashion industry is that it is part of the problem when it comes to people with eating disorders.  One of the surprising things that I have come up against in my journey of losing weight has been people who undoubtedly are well meaning who have expressed concern about my weight.  Telling me things like I should not lose too much weight, expressing concern about the way I look.

I guess that there was a significant difference in the way that I looked, people who had not seen me in a couple of years did not recognise me.  This was hard for me to understand as I saw myself everyday as I have been on that journey but when I look at some of the old photos I understand that.   I want to sound a word of caution about body mass index, according to that I should weigh around 72 kgs.  Well that in my opinion is just not a reality.  My goal is for around 85 kilograms.

I can understand however how people can be obsessed about their weight.  I have a social conscience and at one stage I was quite concerned about being involved with the fashion industry, however my concerns about that were alleviated as I spent some time in and out of Annah’s stores and saw first hand the many different customers that came out of her stores.  These women were really happy with their purchases.  I recognise many of Annah’s styles as I attend different functions and I can say that Annah’s garments are truly fashioned to fit many different body shapes and sizes and that the women I have seen wearing Annah’s fashion all look gorgeous. before everyone thinks this is a sponsored advertisement I want to move onto to how this fits into my “Healthy Mind Healthy Body philosophy”.

I admit that when I get into a new size pair of trousers I feel great, I bought a pair of skinny chinos for myself at the same time as I bought some for my sons.  A huge achievement for me as I did not have to go to the plus size department, I went to an everyday fashion shop.  However that feeling had nothing on the thrill in my life that set me firmly on my pathway to a healthy mind.  I had started to lose weight and was relatively newly single and I met a woman.  This woman was tall and elegant, attractive and articulate, she was interested in me even though I was still more than 130 kilograms. She conveyed to me I had qualities that were worthwhile.  It took this affirmation of my humanity, obesity and all that encouraged me to continue on my journey towards health.  It started with an honest appraisal of what I looked like and telling the truth to myself about my weight, follow this link for more about the journey the if you wish.  I had people around me who gave me encouragement and who were positive and I constantly told myself the truth.  I faced my fears and moved onwards in my journey.

You see a healthy mind is the start but learning to accept who you are is really important.  If you have really had an honest look at yourself you will see there are areas that change needs to occur.  The key is to accept that and then do something about it.  My past informs me it no longer constrains me.  I have opportunities and challenges in front of me.  I am not sure if there is any difference between the two of these. I know that the last three months have been a very trying time and at intervals I see old habits sneaking back in.  I am actively combating these.

Surround yourself with positive people, think about what you can do not what you can’t   (thanks Tony Hope) and look the world in the eye hold your head high and just do it .  Take those first steps towards dealing with whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving your goals.  I still have daily struggles in my mind but believe me that is where the battle is lost and won in any endeavour that you take on.  It truly is in the mind and if your thinking is unhealthy then your goals will be unattainable.  We all doubt ourselves but unless you ask the question of yourself you will never find out the answer and end up living a grey mediocre life.  Well about here I would drop the f bomb but that is another area of my life that I am challenging, if I am to make it as a writer then invective should be contextual and appropriate so instead I will just point you towards a poem I wrote about being mediocre and you will see how I feel about that.

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